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TA Ankle Injury From Game 2

During the extended break in between games two and three, Doc Rivers informed the masses that Tony Allen suffered an ankle injury.  According to Doc, it occurred during the first quarter of Game 2.  Naturally, the next step for Redsarmy.com is to go to the video and try to spot it.

Towards the end of the first quarter (at approximately the 56 second mark), TA moves laterally while also backpedalling to help Rajon Rondo guard Jameer Nelson on a potential corner three. He does this after he flashes at JJ Redick, who opts to drive to the basket instead of kicking it out to the now double-teamed Nelson.  As TA does this, he steps on Rondo's foot and goes down like he got shot.

TA stays down, holding his ankle until the Magic reset their offense, then attempts to "walk it off."  The play ends in a Redick three-pointer, which TA makes a weak effort at running at him in an attempt to get a hand in his face.  He does finish the quarter on a nice thrashing move to the hoop for a floater, then backpedals again on defense.  Check out the clip below:


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  • DRJ

    Rondo completely disappeared in game 4. SI just published a front-page spread on Rondo. If those 2 events are connected, we’re screwed. I doubt it… I hope they aren’t… but IF they are, it’s nothing but trouble.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Time for Quis, and maybe a little Sheldon to bang on Howard. Just hack-a-shaq that guy if he’s anywhere near dunking, PLEASE!