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KG reportedly ditching Adidas for Chinese company


Kevin Garnett might be moving on to his 4th shoe company.  After stints with Nike and And 1, KG seems to be on the verge of opting out of his Adidas deal and going with Chinese company Anta.

the 34-year-old Boston Celtics forward has left the adidas
“Brotherhood” for ANTA, one of the emerging Chinese sportswear companies
along with Li-Ning and PEAK who all have plans to make a run at the
U.S. market in this coming decade.

Fujian-based ANTA Sports Products Limited was established in 1994 and
in recent years has signed official sports contracts with the NBA’s
Houston Rockets in 2007 along with its first NBA endorser, Steve
Francis. One of the company’s previously used slogans: Keep Moving.

That's the last time I ever want to hear anything about KG following in Steve Francis' footsteps.  Everybody got that?

This deal had better be worth a lot of money.  A LOT… cuz that's one ugly shoe.  Unless Anta wants to become a sponsor… then that thing is friggin' gorgeous.  Wooo!  ANTA!

Does this mean that if KG is interviewed after a championship, he's going to give his incoherent shout outs and post-game exultations in Chinese? 

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I’d buy that for a dollar!

  • NineSevenEight

    I’d rather have the dollar.