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Ah, the explanation for Rondo’s bad game

Rondo cover

Ok, I don't really believe in the SI Cover Jinx… but it's just kinda funny he had a bad game on the day he showed up on the cover.

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  • DRJ

    It’s possible — NOT likely in my book, but possible — that the article in his head affected his play. I doubt it because he was not there right from tipoff… as if he and Doc KNEW he was not gonna be any good in this game. For what reason, I can only guess.
    But IF it was because this article got in his head… and he now thinks he can walk on water or something… we’re in big, big trouble.

  • I wouldn’t worry about that. I don’t think that’s an issue at all.

  • DRJ

    I don’t think so either. But it’s not impossible….. Just really far out. Too far out, you’re right. Can’t be. (can it?) lol

  • SorryMan
  • DRJ

    I’ve thought it over and think that this could be a GOOD thing after all.
    The “swelled-head” effect on Rondo, after all, couldn’t be too serious, realistically speaking. But being on the cover of SI, after that iconic to-the-floor performance in game 3, means that Rondo and the Lakers are now suddenly very IMPORTANT to the NBA. Whatever that’s worth, it now works for the Celtics, more than any other team. Opinions will vary on what it IS worth… but I’d rather have it than not, just in case.