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Your Morning Dump… Where KG is irreplaceable

Kg on carter 

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“The more people heal, the better they feel,” Rivers said. “But I
think now that he’s playing, the other guys listen more. It’s tougher to
talk when you’re in street clothes. But now the fact that he’s playing
better is huge. If he’s feeling better and playing better, that
obviously makes all the difference for us.”

Garnett’s teammates also believe his best may be in the wings, yet to
make a curtain call.

“I still don’t think he’s 100 percent – maybe about 85 percent,”
Perkins said. “He’s showing flashes of his old self, though, like how he
shows in the pick-and-roll. He’s defending the pick-and-roll and
getting back on the isolation. I don’t know how much better he can get
at it. All I know is that he’s doing that great now.”….

“It’s obvious, how much better he is now,” Pierce said. “You’re
seeing it in the way he rebounds the ball and sprints down the court.
Let’s face it: Without Kevin we can’t win a championship. I’m
replaceable, Ray’s replaceable, Rondo.

“But you can’t replace Kevin.”

Herald: Kevin Garnett has healing powers 

That's one hell of a thing to say.  I would say Rondo is irreplaceable too… but that's just me.  I honestly can't think of another player that does what he does.  You can argue that other point guards are better… but they're different. 

But I will really go out on that limb and say that a healthy KG clearly makes this team different (that's expert analysis right there).  It's amazing how different things are with KG in the lineup.  The intensity is different. 

It's way too simplistic to compare this year with KG to last year without him in the Orlando series.  These are different teams all around.  But the difference in how the C's defend Orlando is noticeable.  And it starts with KG.

On Page 2: Stan Van Gundy is just trying to keep his team from falling apart

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

“People want to escape and then
people start worrying about where the blame is going to be placed,’’ he
said yesterday following the Magic’s workout at TD Garden.

“It’s not
just players. It’s coaches and everybody. Instead of having the mental
toughness in a situation like this to get yourself ready to play Game 4,
you start subconsciously making comments to separate and let everybody
know, ‘It’s not my fault.’ Coaches can do it as well as players. You
have to avoid that.’’

Gundy continued to lament over Saturday night’s 94-71 Game 3 loss; his
team never led and never made it competitive after trailing, 21-6.

“I’ll be honest, I’m somebody who says
I’m never shocked but I was shocked that we didn’t play with more
intensity and determination,’’ the coach said. “We had three days to get
ready. I gotta take a lot of responsibility for that. We did not play
the way we needed to play.

I’m also not crying in my soup. I haven’t done a good job and I need to
do a better job and that’s the way I think the players need to think.
The series isn’t over and I plan to do a much better job [tonight].’’

Globe: His response is a pointed one

Sorry Stan… it's too late for that.

I've said since the beginning that I'd be shocked if the Celtics swept… but they've broken the Magic.  The way they're acting on the floor… the things they're saying… they look like a broken team. 

MAYBE… the Magic can take one game.  Maybe.  But at this point I doubt it.  At this point, the first hint of adversity would be enough to get the Magic to quit.

So I hope you like chicken and tears soup, Stan… because you're going to be crying in it later tonight.

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  • CFH

    Wow! Quite a comment from Pierce, but I agree with him. Even though Rondo is the best player on the team now, maybe the best point guard in the league, and unique… there are a lot of excellent point guards out there. There isn’t one quite like Rondo, but there are a significant number nearly as good in their own ways.
    Big men who do the things KG does when he’s on/healthy or something similar? They just don’t exist, even before you take his particular brand of useful crazy into the equation.
    Dwight Howard’s interview on Inside the NBA last night was just sad. He talked like his season was already over… completely hopeless.

  • green8teen

    I agree about that Howard stuff. He was asked IF they lose tonight, how he’d view the season and instead of saying he’s not thinking of things like that, he said they PROGRESSED??? How have you progressed when you made it to the finals last year and (according the question) got swept this year? Terrible body language.

  • NineSevenEight

    I thought the same thing. Definitely a loser’s mentality. I don’t know if anyone told Howard, but they’re about to get swept out of the ECF’s…not the Finals.

  • Jason

    I’ve always thought SVG was a top X and O coach, but I equally pounded him for all his whining and panic. So to be fair, you have to admit, the guy’s stand-up. He accepts responsibility, a rarity in today’s world.

  • DRJ

    I can’t blame Howard for being realistic. If he had been defiant and/or confident, I’d think he was either acting or nuts.
    I’ve always thought there are two indispensable guys on this team: Rondo and KG, in that order. Rondo for the offense (in addition to defense and rebounding), KG for the defense. Always thought that kinda made sense, and that really, you can’t compare the two, because each is vital in a different way.
    But that’s not what Pierce said. He said KG is “irreplaceable”. That’s different from “indispensable. They can’t win without EITHER of those guys. But in terms of who can me REPLACED?……. I have to agree with CFH. It’s possible to find another great-passing, highly athletic, team-focused, confident PG, with or without freakishly big hands. Not easy. And frankly, you could offer me CP3 or Deron or ANY of those guys right now for Rondo and I’d certainly say fuhgetaboutit. But it’s possible.
    KG is one of a kind… on defense; and emotionally / psychologically. They broke the mold after him.

  • Middle Finger Extended

    rondo is what rafer alston was supposed to be but he fell in love with the 3…as we all see without K.G the Cs are a playoff team with him they’re championship contenders…. rondo owes alot of steals to the fact that K.G is in the back court ready to clean up if he happens to gamble and fail… the only irreplaceable pieces on the Cs are K.G and the coaching staff because the staff introduces the defensive scheme and K.G makes sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be, covers for those out of place, and help those over matched…

  • Middle Finger Extended

    there’s thousands of rondos playing euro ball or street ball because nobody believed in their jump shot… dude is sick for making playground moves work against pros but lets not over hype him… at one point in K.G’s career you couldve argued he was the best all around player in the league… he was lebron james before lebron james