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Raj-GONE In Less Than 60 Seconds

We've all seen it several times by now.  Thousands witnessed it live while millions of others dropped their collective jaws at the TV.  What shall henceforth be simply known as: "The Dive, The Play," Rajon Rondo exhibited carpe diem at its finest.  Prior to that however, he almost gave everyone a preview of what he had in store for the basketball viewing audience.

Playing the Magic defenders like puppets on a string, he used a spin move that faked out Marcin Gortat and Jason Williams just as badly as he did in Orlando with his patented behind-the-back ball fake lay-up.  In about 40 second of actual game time, Rondo's efforts were a microcosm of his play in the 2010 NBA Playoffs.  If you blink, you may have just been RondOWNED.

The Spin Move:

"The Dive, The Play:"

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  • Poor Gortat has been embarrassed by Rondo TWICE!

  • DRJ

    It was pretty funny too… cuz Rondo turned around sort of automatically, just to see what’s going on, and it seemed like he could hardly believe his luck… a WIDE OPEN LANE right to the basket!… so he starts out a little tentatively, as if thinking “SOMEBODY’s gonna stop this, right?!?”. But nope… he just waltzes right in. Delicious.

  • Loscyfan

    Nice block out by Sheed, too.

  • Rush

    not to mention the scene where rondo chased after the looseball to beat dwight and then challenging him but just barely missed on the reverse.
    for sure that would have also gotten the crowd up on their feet.