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Magic refuse to die

Chuck - Red's Army May 24, 2010 Uncategorized 42 Comments on Magic refuse to die

If I'm exhausted from watching that game, I cannot imagine how the players feel.

Jameer Nelson (23 points, 5 rebounds, 9 assists) absolutely killed the Celtics tonight. His penetration (off the pick and roll) and passing was the key to the Magic victory. Dwight Howard (32 points, 16 rebounds) benefited the most from Nelson's penetration.

KG played a horrible 4th quarter and OT (unofficial 0-4, 3 fouls and 3 TOs). He may have gotten himself too worked up following the skirmish with Howard. Rondo (9 points, 3-10 FG, 8 assists) did not look right all night.

Paul Pierce (32 points, 11 rebounds and one terrible possession with the clock winding down in regulation), Ray Allen (22 points, 5-7 3 FG) and Glen Davis (6 points, 7 rebounds) were the only Celtics who brought their A-game tonight.

Give credit to the Magic, rather than quitting they played with a lot of guts tonight.

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    Rondo has leg spasms?
    This one was very irritating to watch

  • Rodger

    You can thank phoenix for that game &
    Vince McMahon oh i mean david stern.
    Dwight howard should have been called for two flagrent fouls the guys a dirty player garnett got a game suspinsion in the miami series for throwing elbows.
    Pierce was fouled on last play in regulation no call.
    I know when i saw delanys name we were in trouble but i still think we can win 1 of 3 it would help if la would win then david will tell the officals no more bull.
    He likes to keep the games even so if phoenix wins tomorrow boston loses next game if la wins tomorrow boston wins in 5 thanks vince im david stern.

  • NineSevenEight

    I thought it was really a mistake not to call a timeout and draw up a play to get a good last shot in regulation. To end up with not even an attempt was pretty devastating, but not surprising. That opportunity could have been a dagger and it went wasted. What bothered me most was that the Celtics never seemed to quite get close as the Magic always came up with a clutch shot, and to not call a time out to even get a look? Poor decision.
    Outside of Pierce, who shot OK, not great, and Ray Allen’s late surge, I thought everyone else was blah. Too many ISO’s, not enough ball movement, late on defense. Poor all around.
    Magic got SOOOO many open looks, Perk barely covered Dwight tonight because he was ALWAYS in a switch. So many easy looks and putbacks for Clark Kent. It was way too simple.
    I realize Tony is hurting but I thought he turned into a pumpkin too with some boneheaded plays and turnovers. He and Perk looked lost all night for the most part.
    I expected the Celtics to have a little more energy at home up against a desperate team.

  • The Adrenaline

    Why wasn’t a foul called on Pierce at the end of regulation?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Just flat out hate when fans blame the refs whenever their team loses. We got outplayed tonight, came out with no urgency, and Jameer and Howard stepped up, hit tough shots and outhustled our guys.
    I know Pierce had a good scoring game but I can’t stand when he is jacking shots while Ray Allen was single handedly keeping us in this game. Howard and Nelson killed any momentum time after time with offensive rebounds and crazy shots as well as “and 1s”… I think the Celtics were a bit too over confident and Pierce was playing “hero ball” the whole fourth quarter and OT.
    Also didn’t help that Rondo was suffering from Leg spasms and didn’t play to near his potential, especially on defense where Nelson got in the lane time after time. Refs had ZERO to do with this loss

  • mikey

    agree, refs were ok.

  • mikey

    probably should have been called

  • the foul called on davis for his clean block of nelson is huge. we would’ve won it if that wasn’t called, which wasn’t a foul. stupid refs
    Yes there’s definitely something wrong with rondo. This is like the first time i saw him having a bad game in the playoffs. and he went back to the locker room during halftime, anything wrong?
    TA and Nate kinda sucked tonight. but howard played a great game tonight. he got under ppl’s skin; one tech each for Kg and ‘sheed. and he dominated overtime.
    whatever, with rondo having a bad game it still went to overtime. Orlando’s done.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I’m ok with this loss, we may even lose game 5, but not game 6. I just wish we would have called a timeout before the end of regulation, Doc is great at designing game/quarter ending plays.
    Where’s Papa Irish?

  • mikey

    Agree 100%
    I was going crazy yelling for a timeout, at the end of the 4th.
    You have to call a timeout there.
    We were behind all game, we finally had a chance to realize that we were 1 basket away from going to the Finals. It would have given us and the fans a good 3-4 minutes to realize where we were and what we had to do.
    It was definetly the wrong call, and I was going crazy to call a timeout.
    Especially the fact that it is the ECF, up 3-0, it isn’t that easy, just go ahead and play through it win the game, it doesn’t work like that. This isn’t the 8 seed. The Magic aren’t a bad team where we can just say “lets just go ahead win it and get it over with, go for the sweep”. We should have taken our time. The fans would have been rockin and so loud, and it would have given us time to get ourselves set.
    Also, it looked as if Rondo called for a timeout. When somebody does that on the floor you have to then call the timeout, it is the wrong move to wave off a timeout, near the end of the game. Trust me. When one of your players is looking for a timeout, you call it, because if you wave it off, everybody gets disorganized.
    In a game like this where we didn’t even have 1 minute to be ahead, a timeout there would have given us a good 3-4 minutes and the crowd would have been going crazy.
    Also with 15 seconds left there really isn’t time for an offensive rebound. Its not like there was a full 24 on the clock.
    When one of your players signals for a timeout(Rondo)you call it. You don’t wave it off. It is a waste of time and gets people disorganized.
    Oh well Celtics are winning the title anyway. We will win Game 5 then play Lakers or Suns.

  • mikey

    Yes the Davis call was stupid.
    I only saw maybe 1-3 bogus calls for Orlando, and not the usual 8-10 so it wasn’t that bad of a game ref wise.
    Celtics win in 5.

  • Mollysdaddy

    Very draining game to watch. Orlando came out confident and stuck with their game plan. C’s showed flashes, but their focus seemed to come and go. Congrats to Orlando for showing up. Celtics can make it all go away in game 5 by showing up themselves.

  • tim stille

    Dwight howard and Rashard lewis can move whenevr they want during a pick and I have no problem with this but then refs will call it on kendrikc perkins, also Nba announcers just piss me off, any other player and that elbow would be called flagrant or even suspendable but since it’s dwight howard they call it a goo dplayoff play and this is just one thing i just can’t listen to national tv announcers as a celtics fan it kills me

  • haha

    its called payback for the call they didnt call when perk “blocked” vince carters dunk in the second quarter.

  • tim stille

    and dwight howard just sits in the key on both sides of the floor on offense he sets a pick and rolls there and sits there the whole possesion, why does he get so many offensive rebounds??? bc every signle time hes in perfect postion because he sits in the middle of the key and on defense he does the same exact thing sure soemtime’s theyre players around time but there wasn;t one defensive three second called and on every single drive to the basket howard is somehow making a difference when he is able to sit in the key he affects every1 shot by being big Rondo couldn’t drive bc howard can just sit in the key and wait for him a luuxury given to no other nba player

  • KY Celts fan

    Meh, did anyone REALLY expect to sweep the Magic? They’re a good team, much better than Miami whom we couldn’t sweep.
    If Magic want to lose on their homecourt again, that’s fine.
    Besides, losing a game keeps us grounded. That was part of the Magic’s problem. Cleveland’s problem from last year. Losing a game every now again keeps you grounded, reminds you that you’re vulnerable and can’t half-ass it. We haven’t had a game like that since we got blown out. So this loss will remind our team their not invincible, and still have to bring it every night.
    Battle-tested teams win championships. Best to work for it.

  • mikey

    no such thing as payback

  • mikey

    agree. announcers are mad annoying. I kept it on mute last series, now the Celtics are up 3-1 so I listen to them. If they get stupid again though I will just press the mute button.

  • Travis

    The Davis foul on Nelson was terrible. That is about the only bad call I saw all game. Fact is we got out played, beat to the 50/50 balls… and Pierce got worn out down the stretch. Our energy guy(Rondo) was clearly not himself tonight… and we still almost won. I really wish we would have called a timeout when we got the stop at the end of the game, I thought that was a bad call by Doc. They left Rondo wide open and Pierce didn’t throw the ball to him, instead tried to create 2v1 and didn’t come through. KG with a huge turnover in OT really hurt too. Jesus was amazing again, and perhaps could have cut it to 1 if Big Baby didn’t get in the way at the end of OT. Oh well, they won 1 game… far from over.

  • mikey

    agree, no problem
    Loss isn’t bad, want Vince to get a win anyway. Now Celtics will destroy Orlando.
    Game Over.

  • mikey

    Yes, but because of that, they aren’t going to be able to keep giving Howard calls the next game. He has gotten away with too much, so now people will key in on that, and the calls will not favor Orlando in Game 5.

  • DRJ

    Absolutely right. Cs sucked, and that’s why they lost.

  • DRJ

    I felt almost from tipoff that they were not right. Rondo especially was NOT himself, at all. Almost like he expected to lose. Strange, strange game.
    Last night the Lakers game was also strange, come to think of it. They sucked then too.
    Two nights in a row, two potential sweeps, both leading teams play lousy basketball and lose. And… how much money was going to be left on the table if either of them swept? Just wondering….. how much was that??

  • JD

    The numerous Celtic chokejobs during the regular season still haunt me as a fan. I just hope we didn’t give the Magic life….

  • xkenchy

    pp is such a ball hog, always wanna be the hero of the game. turns the ball over way too much and is always the one running his mouth without backing it up. is no suprise that when pp scores 30 we barely win or lose like today but when ray allen scores over 30 we blow out teams meaning the ball is moving. Doc stop giving pp the last shot please

  • DRJ

    I second that emotion

  • Man it’s hard to beat a team 4x in a row. Magic did everything they needed to do to win. And basically what we didn’t do. They moved the ball well, and we were sluggish & stood around alot on offense. Howard got the ball deep in the paint, role players did their thing (i.e. Barnes got in our heads, Redick hit 3’s, yada yada..). We just did not execute tonight-period. Not getting a shot off at the end of regulation? That just can’t happen. I was at the game, and there were some bad calls, but the refs did not “steal” this game from us. We simply did not execute in the clutch, and Orlando did. Again, it is VERY hard to beat a team 4 times in a row-especially one w/talent like Orlando has. I feel Game 5 is a must-win. I’m sorry, but we have not exactly protected our home-turf well this year. If Orlando wins 2 in a row & gets momentum going, watch out. So let’s go down there and wax that ass on Wednesday. Please.

  • SorryMan

    LOL nice consecutive bricks thrown up by Paul Pierce in OT,
    Should have given the ball to Allen, I wonder if Pierce’s continuous wanna-be Kobe attitude will lead to the Celtic’s demise in the Finals.
    I keep hearing about the Celtics being a team where each player has his role, and knows what his role is, but after tonight I don’t see this at all. PP still thinks that he is in his prime and can be the hero, he doesn’t realize that while he is somewhat of a leader, he is only a glorified role player and needs to give the ball up when someone else is hotter than him and stop pretending to be a hero.
    On the Lakers however, we have our roles, Kobe is going to have the ball in his hands whether shooting 13-24, or shooting 3-24, because either way, you know Kobe is going to not only pretend to be the hero, but he will be the hero

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Howard got WAY too many dunks tonight, im sure we’ll scheme for that next game. But Jameer hitting his shots and driving into the lane may be a problem if something is up with Rondo. Last time I’ll say it, I really wish we had Eddie on this team.

  • Nick

    For every single 1 of you ignorant pukes on here who want 2 bad mouth Paul Pierce the Greatest Celtic of all-time…Just shut the fuck up please!!! I love Ray but I have seen him taken out of 3 of the 9 playoff series he’s played in Boston. Paul constantly is looking to create his own shot..he constantly plays hard D against the best player from the other team. So please just stop PLEASE!!! I Get that this loss sucks on many many levels considering we were one shot and 10 seconds away from making the Finals but I’m pretty sure Orlando isn’t going to beat us 4 times in a row, and if they do guess what… we deserve it. And I am beginning to think we should give Marquis Daniels a look, because T.A is dinged up and Michael Finley hasn’t scored a point in about 2 months. It wouldn’t hurt to give Queez Finleys’ minutes would it?? the 2 reasons we lost this game were that, Rondo just played really bad for w.e reason, i don’t know if its kuz he is hurt or if its because Dwight is affecting his shot but either way he needs to go for 17-10 at least if we are going to win a 3rd str8 game in Florida. And we have to slow down Howard and make him stop moving around so much. If he gets a head start cutting and rolling to the rack then he is too quick for Perk. I’m confident we’ll get this shit str8 for tomorrow

  • Uncle Leo

    Anyone else notice the clock stop for about an extra second at 8.5 seconds at the end of regulation when the Celtics had the ball?


    It looked like he looked at Doc about calling one and got told to play on…


    Calls like that are why the refs weren’t to blame…they were pretty even. The refs let them play, missed a few but I’d rather they let them play….


    I thought our offence was too stagnant the whole 4th and OT – it was iso ball except for the ray 3’s…
    Orlando deserved it tonight – we better finish them in 5, don’t give them life.
    KG was a shocker on offense in the 4th…Maybe over hyped after the skirmish like Red said…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Rondo had foul trouble all game and never got into a rhythm.

  • Shawn-cvd

    This game had Celtics stealing all over it…sigh

  • Shawn-cvd

    We hope Kobe goes 3-24…in that scenario against the C’s D you get blown the eff out.
    PP was rolling this game. The last play in regulation sucked more than those missed threes.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Agreed RE Pierce. He kept us in the game in the first half.

  • Shawn-cvd

    This game had Celtics steal written all over it. That first three by Nelson in OT was absolute GARBAGE then evened them out with that pretty rainbow…
    One of Jameer or Rashoid must be contained or this could get ugly. This won’t continue though. Fun to end it in Disney World any how…Go Celtics

  • Salty pepper

    But die they will.

  • Dull and tired.. the opposite of energized and sharp.
    They played hard and had an off night. Agreed with most everything said, just an incredibly frustrating game to watch. 3 minutes w/o a bucket in OT? WTF?!
    The non-shot at the end of regulation more or less sums up the game.

  • xkenchy

    and he keeps us outta games too