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Epic Lottery bust guarantees Magic victory


Raise your hand if you knew Adonal Foyle was still in the NBA? Believe it or not, the 1997 lottery pick bust is a member of the Orlando Magic.

In a blog for the Orlando Sentinel, Foyle predicts a Magic victory:

What happened is that a group of aliens took over our team (those of
you who watched “Space Jam” know exactly what I’m talking about). These
aliens took our guys’ abilities and placed them in separate places. So
we haven’t been playing with our real team. I’ve spent the past couple
of days hunting these aliens down, and I’m proud to say that I have
destroyed them all, and I’ve restored all the powers to my team. I feel
they are now ready to go and take the win in Game 4.

On a more serious note, what’s good about this team is that we
understand that we have not played a good game yet. We have not put
together a complete game in this series, and today is our last chance to
do it. I’ve seen it in the guys’ eyes and I see hope there. They are
going to go out and play an inspired game.

We are going to win this game because the aliens are all gone. What
you will see tonight is the team that I am used to playing with – the
same team that won 59 games and played great in the first two playoff
series. The guys are going to leave it all on the floor and are going to
take this series back to Orlando. This team is certainly equipped to do
it. No other team in NBA history has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit.
But if a team is going to make history, it might as well be us. We’re
going to simply work to win the first quarter, then the second quarter,
the third and the fourth. And we’ll go from there.

A guy who has not played a second all season has the balls to predict a victory in Game 4.

Funny thing is, Foyle has impacted this series as much as Rashard Lewis. Zing!

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  • NineSevenEight

    Do these guys not get it? The Magic haven’t played like the “59 win team” because THE CELTICS are forcing them to play bad. I’m tired of hearing that the Celtics have had the good fortune of not having to face a team’s best punch yet. You wanna know why?! BECAUSE THE CELTICS ARE CRUSHING THEM!

  • Greg

    It doesn’t have much to do with the Celtics as much as it has to do with how we’re beating ourselves. That’s why I think once we win tonight, we’ll be back and force a Game 7. Just gotta find our mojo. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Celticsgirl

    Lol. You’re kidding, right?

  • Ya gotta think it’s time for a follow up interview of Superman by Clark Kent.

  • Mollysdaddy

    Greg, I’ve held my tongue as long as I can. You’re ignorant about championship basketball. That’s not an attack on you, you just don’t have it yet in FL. The Celtics are taking you out of your game. Just like they took the Cavs out of their game. Just like they took the Heat out of their game. The Magic have not played their game yet because they are not being allowed to. That is what a champion does, forces it’s game plan on the opponent. And when your game plan is defense first, it is very hard for an offensive minded team, yes even a juggernaut like the Magic, to get their game going.
    I fear that you and the media just won’t see it for what it is. Boston has it’s game plan and is knocking the hell out of Dwight and company with it.
    You’ve got a really good team there, we are just better.

  • JD

    Write this on the blackboard one hundred times Greg:
    “The Celtics are better than the Magic. Orlando is just, plain and simple, inferior to Boston, and I will stop shitting out of my mouth.”

  • Dan from Providence

    What is the drug of choice down there in Florida??? Whatever it is, you should probably cut your consumption in half at least. I’m sick of the emphasis being on Lebron playing bad or Orlando playing bad. The Celtics are just playing THAT GOOD. The Celtics defense is better than defense in the playoffs and the Celtics offense is too much for any of the weak defenses in the playoffs. Rondo is playing like an absolute GOD and the rest of the Cs are playing good individually and together because of his energy and momentum. Orlando banks on other teams double-teaming Dwight so they can get shooters open. When they don’t double team Dwight he goes to work against smaller Centers. The Celtics DO NOT have to double team Dwight and their shooters are not open. THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO OFFENSIVELY. I will not say this series is over because I don’t want to jinx it, but that’s the only reason I won’t say it. Orlando looks pathetic and I applaud you for being true to your team, but you have to snap out of it and get back to reality. The Celtics are gonna mop Orlando tonight and then do the same to LA. You should be mad at Dwight Howard for being such a goofball and a JOKE. Our boys come to play and we don’t have smiles on our faces until we are up by 20!!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Feels like we’re getting a little over confident now, let’s hope the guys aren’t. Lets get the energy back up for game 4. GO CELTICS!!

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Yeah your right Greg, its a matter of time. Like say, I don’t know… July or August when you could find some “MOJO” with free agents. Your team is very talented but has NO F#CKING HEART which is why your folding here just like you did last year against the fakers. That and your offense is built around your 5 with every one else required to shoot 63% from downtown to be successful. Ok I exagerate a little but not a lot.