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Cavs fire Mike Brown

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The Celtics process of not just beating teams, but leaving them broken, bitter messes continues. 

Pat Riley is ready to take Erick Spoelstra's job from him after the first round series… and now Mike Brown is out as Cavs coach.  

And judging from the wrecked pile of fail that the Magic have become… this might not be the end of it.

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  • Alex

    Lol, the Celtics are indeed the bullies of the NBA.
    We are ruining people’s lives with the pounding we are causing on the teams we’ve faced in the Playoffs.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    A shrewd move by Ferry to make Lebron player coach and double his salary. What the hell, he’s not that coachable anyway just ask Paul Silas.

  • DRJ

    Apparently, Sunday night was a deadline written into Brown’s contract, where if he had still been employed there after then, they’d owe him his entire $4.5 million for next year. Maybe they tried to renegotiate that (if that’s even allowed) and failed. Either way, that clause sorta forced their hand right now.

  • DRJ

    But I don’t think SVG is gonna get fired. This actually was not his fault (mostly). And his behavior has been exemplary. Showed that he’s a real stand-up guy… and instead of making him responsible – which was the content of his words – it did the opposite… made it even clearer that it wasn’t (mostly).

  • Jason

    Smart and takes responsibility, yes. Excellent qualities. But, dude just doesn’t seem like a leader. He’s only got one communication tool: yelling. Players tune you out quickly. And have you seen his looks? I’m glad the guy cares, but the coach has to be the one saying “All right let’s just refocus.” Instead, he reacts worse than fans. Just one bad play and he looks overwhelmed. Terrible disposition for the head coach. So, unfortunately, I think he’s assistant coach material. A top assistant coach, Thibs level, but an assistant nonetheless.

  • I agree with all you’ve said.. and whether or not he’s a leader or a brilliant X’s and O’s guy to me unfortunately doesn’t mean he’ll keep his job. It’s about selling tix. I don’t follow the Heat very closely but my impression was Spoelstra does a decent job and he may get the ax too.

  • DRJ

    Good points. Agree with all.
    Yeah… compare him to Doc… and regardless of who’s smarter or better with the Xs and Os… all that just pales into total insignificance when compared to leadership and communication… along with which comes trust and confidence… without which you’ve got nothing.

  • DRJ

    Magic are in trouble with their fans. I bet they have lost or will lose thousands of them as a result of this series. So yeah, when you think about it… they’re almost forced to fire SVG, so that the fans can think ‘ok, things will improve.’
    But will they? Not anytime soon. Howard has some growing up to do, and the team is missing a heart. But then… they only made one KG. And then they broke the mold.