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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo has everyone giddy

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“Pure grit,” Kevin Garnett said. “I told him after the game, that was the play of the
playoffs for me. It was just pure hustle. Pure basketball. Pure, I want
it more than you. I thought it was a foul too, but that’s just me.”

WEEI: How the Celtics are demoralizing their opponents

Ray Allen: “It was probably one of the toughest plays defensively I’ve
seen in my career. Its one thing to have the ball and make something
miraculous happen, but not having the ball and making some miraculous
happen, then score with it, that was awesome.”

Doc Rivers: "If that doesn't give your whole team energy, nothing will.
I don't know if it bumped our energy; we were pretty high at the time.
I didn't think he could get to it. It was him and Jason Williams.
He's thinking, I got a chance with my speed. But it was just an
unbelievable play. I don't think Jason Williams thought he could get to
it, honestly. That's probably why he got it. I don't know how he got
it. It was a great play. I think it's great for our whole team to see

Globe: Rondo's hustle play

The Garden damn near exploded when Rondo made that play.

The comparisons to Havlicek and Bird and to the all time great hustle plays in Celtics history are dead on.  This was an iconic moment.  When Rondo is giving a speech in Springfield some day, this will be among his highlights.  When you run down all the great plays in CELTICS history, this will be among the highlights.

Rajon Rondo had one of those "Rondo" kind of games.  Not the one that gets the folks at 4-letter networks gushing.  It's the kind that makes all of us just turn and look at each other, tilt our heads slightly, squint a little, and giggle at the thought that this kid is just getting started.

Forget the 4 baskets he made (he shot 4-14).  Yeah, they were some of the prettiest baskets you'll see.  But Rondo controlled that game with his defense and ball distribution.  He had 2 more assists than all of the Magic combined.  He was one steal away from matching the Magic's total.  He was the conductor of that symphony.  Everyone (again) was following his lead.

You thought the Chicago series last year was a breakout series for Rajon Rondo?  Welcome to the 2010 playoffs.

On page 2: BEAT LA!  BEAT LA!  BEAT LA!

"I understand the fans, how much [they want LA]," said Davis. "Beat
LA … We've got one more game to play and [Orlando] is highly capable
of winning [four] in a row. We've been playing great, but at the same
time, this is not finished until we win the next game."

ESPN Boston: Fans want LA, C's want Game 4 win

I just love this team's focus right now.  We were going nuts in that building.  And yes, we got ahead of ourselves with the chant… but we all know what's coming. 

We all know.

In all honesty, if I'm on the Phoenix Suns, I'm one pissed off SOB today.  Can you imagine being a Sun, watching that game, and hearing that chant.

"Beat LA, huh?  We'll see about that."

Too bad LA is just better.

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  • Rodger

    Ive been a celtic fan all my life im 47 and before christmas my girlfriend asked me if i wanted a pierce allen or garnett jersey.
    I said nope rondo please he’s the man.
    Even magic johnson said he’s the best point gaurd in the leauge right now.
    Thanks magic.
    And thanks rondo for all the amazing plays and many more to come.

  • james

    i love the celtics, but can someone please explain to me how rondos uber play wasnt a travel? everything i’ve heard said you cant get up with the ball? no?

  • DRJ

    Thing is… their focus and single-mindedness is amazing to see. Nobody’s laughing, or celebrating… hell, you’d be hard-pressed to find a player cracking a smile. They answer questions matter-of-factly, just waiting to get out of there. These guys are absolutely, maniacally DEDICATED to one thing, and only one thing: the championship.
    I guess part of that is that they saved it up all throughout this season. They have a lot of focus still in the tank. Whatever the reason, the reality is awesome.
    (A) The Lakers are winning with excellent offense and some defense. (B) The Cs are winning with spectacular defense and excellent offense.
    B beats A.

  • Lee in Oregon

    The amazing thing- Rondo is STILL getting better. I can’t wait to see Kobe try and stay with him, that’s gonna work about as good as LeBron guarding him did.
    Also, the 2-3-2 format is perfect for this series. Celts just need to “Beat LA” once in Los Angeles and then it’s home for 3.
    My wife asked me what got into these guys to make them start playing so incredibly after a subpar regular season?
    -CELTIC PRIDE. Somewhere in Seattle, Bill Russell is also very proud.

  • DRJ

    Yes, you can get up.
    Rulebook: “When in possession of the ball while on the floor, an offensive player is permitted to stand up, establish a pivot foot and resume play.”
    Video examples:
    h/t celticshub

  • Is there any video of Welker dancing along to Gino and then getting props from Scal? That’s some classic shit

  • Yeah, that was great.

  • mollysdaddy

    Good work DrJ. Was sure I knew that was the case, but wasn’t sure how to prove it.

  • NineSevenEight

    Does it get any better than that LEGAL play?
    I can only imagine Heinsohn’s reaction to that play. Tommy Point factory may have very well closed up shop at that moment.
    Can ANYTHING top that?
    Rondo’s the only person who can answer that question. Unreal. That kid is THE BUSINESS on the court.

  • Hello Green Beans, just thought i ‘d let you know that Laker Nation is comming 4 u. REVENGE!!!!

  • mollysdaddy

    Anybody know how many times there have been sweeps in NBA conference finals? Better yet, point me where to look up NBA stats like that.
    Also, Dwight has perhaps his worst NBA game ever against the Celtics this series. LeBron has, perhaps, his worst NBA game against the Celtics last round. Is Kobe next? I hope so because there is no way Phoenix is gonna pose any sort of challenge to this team.

  • mikey


  • SydneyCeltic

    Can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy Sunday morning in Sydney than watching this game yesterday. AMAZING.
    Bring on home, boys!