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A little love for the Captain

Pierce arms raised 2

Everywhere we look, someone is gushing over Rajon Rondo… and deservedly so.  He did a lot of amazing things on the floor last night.  But one of his more impressive accomplishments might be the overshadowing of another great game out of Paul Pierce.

It wasn't great in a typical Paul Pierce sense.  He didn't pull the "Pierce has scored the last 10 points" kinda stuff.  The shots he hit came at the right times.  They were the kinds of shots that made the Magic hang their heads.  But it was really Pierce's all round game that made last night's performance great.

He was there when the Magic tried to get the ball to Dwight Howard… rotating over and getting his hands on passes.  He was part of a swarming team defense that forced 17 turnovers… leading to 19 Celtics points.

He was a beast on the boards, helping the Celtics do what none of us thought would be possible considering how this season had gone:  Keep the Magic off the boards.

They had 3 offensive rebounds in the game.


The Celtics used to give up 3 offensive rebounds on single possessions earlier in the season.  So the Magic weren't just cold, they always had to run back on D when they missed.  And who was the game's leading rebounder?


Rajon Rondo provided the highlights in last night's game.  But Paul Pierce was the driving force behind the complete team effort.  He did what needed to be done.

That's what the Captain of a championship team does.

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  • Jason

    Great post.
    How about some love for BBD, too, though?
    Always plays hard, smart and reliable defensively, takes charges, hustles, nimble feet, will give you pick and roll and pick and pop, good hands, out-rebounds bigger guys, smartening up about when he might get blocked, plays his “role”, sets solid screens, defends the entire spectrum from Howard to Lewis in the same game, is a gamer, steps into the starting line-up seamlessly, thrives instead of shrinks in big moments. What more could you really ask for in a player?
    And after last year he was expecting a huge payday. It didn’t come. Did he let entitlement get the better of him? No, he’s back doing all the BBD things that help win championships.
    The crying, the stupid fist fight, yeah they’re not exactly proud moments, but in the end, this guy has always been a professional. He takes it seriously. He gives what the teams needs when they need it. I ask again, what more could you ask for?
    Congratulations and thanks for everything BBD.

  • Well stated. With all of the absurd hoopla surrounding his post-game remarks, Pierce certainly delivered. His comments after Game 3 were even more impressive than in Game 2. Essentially he’s telling everyone how focused the team is and how much they can taste it now.
    He’s certainly taking this opportunity with a stranglehold like the captain that he is.

  • Jason

    Just saw this pic http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2010/0522/nba_g_rondo2x_576.jpg
    Can we get a caption this? Pierce is basically laughing at the Magic, Perk’s staring them down, the scrubs are pumped and instead of celebrating, Rondo’s got an ice cold killer “I am Ironman. This is nothing. There’s more to come.” look going.

  • Greg

    I stand here on my pedestal, above the masses, looking down on all you nerdy Celtic fans, and say Magic in 7. We’ll be back.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Nicely said. Though, I gotta say, the jersey sagging makes it look like Paul has a beer belly.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Going down with the ship huh Greg? Respectable, but very laughable. Magic in 0.
    I want to give a little love to the whole team/help defense. All the guys are playing great team ball, and it’s so refreshing after the WTF games in the regular season. Keep it you old fogies!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Hey, and that weird white guy is in the background. Who the F is that?

  • DRJ

    Tony Gaffney

  • DRJ

    Glad you pointed this out. Paul’s work did sorta get lost in the shuffle.

  • Ace-One

    I think you’re right that Pierce’s contributions have been generally overshadowed this series, but I don’t think game 3 is the best example of his value on the team. If we were going to give out hockey-style “stars of the game,” first star would go to Rondo, second star would go to Baby, and third star is a toss-up between Ray (Ultra-smooth 14-6-6) and Garnett (huge presence with his intensity and activity–and did a great job teaming with Davis when Perk sat with foul trouble)
    Speaking of Garnett, I think we should start calling KG “KG-B” for the way he has disappeared Rashard Lewis all series. Last year, Lewis averaged 20 points per game against the Celtics in the playoffs. This year, he’s scored 15 points TOTAL over 3 games. Somewhere in Siberia, the villagers are wondering where that really tall dude came from, and they’re already annoyed at his lack of hustle.

  • mikey

    just another big name on this team, get Gaffney some PT!!

  • mikey

    Captain Wink.

  • AMP

    Is the Celts’ strategy confusing their opponents by changing their main weapon each night? If so, how “planned” is it? Or, do they just wait to see who is hot? Or, do they pick a weapon and react if it isn’t effective?

  • Rush

    unbelievable. all that’s happening to the magic still hasn’t humbled you.
    just unbelievebale.

  • MiddleFingerExtended

    how bout some love for K.G… with out K.g the Cs are a playoff team with him they’re championship contenders!!

  • NorthernGreen

    Baby has taken some giant steps this season and helped big time in the post season. He gets so excited he even showed us some “baby steps” in the first half of game three. That was funny and fun to see. Love baby!