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Its not what Dwight does, its how you guard him

Perk on dwight

We've been asking all the wrong questions about Dwight Howard.

All of us.  Fans.  Bloggers.  Analysts.

After 2 games, people have talking about how the Magic can get Howard going.  Even after his 30 point "explosion," people wondered about how to get him better looks in the post.

But it's not about how many points he can score in the paint.  It's not about whether he gets better looks.  All that matters is that Kendrick Perkins, Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis get zero help when he gets the ball. 

Sorry boys.  You're on your own.

Even if Dwight Howard magically develops a drop step, spin move, baby hook or whatever.  It doesn't matter.

The entire reason the Celtics have been successful is their ability to keep one guy on Howard and let everyone else stick close to their guys on the perimeter.  That has been the plan… and that will be the plan. 

Keep KG on Rashard Lewis.  Keep Paul stuck to Vince Carter.  Keep 'em all on their guys and let our bigs operate on an island with Dwight.

And so what if Dwight drops 30… 40… or even 50?  The key to this series is the same key that existed when this thing started a week ago.  Lock down on the perimeter and don't let the shooters get hot.  Force them to shoot in spots where their taking other guys out of the offense.  Don't let any amount of down time make you think otherwise. 

So if, during tonight's game, any of us says "Wow, Dwight's just killing Perk tonight"… don't follow it up with "someone should help him."  The second you help off someone, you're going to pay for it. 

If Perk gets killed by Dwight (which I don't expect, but for the sake of argument…) you've just got to sit there and watch it happen.

If the Celtics don't… and if they start helping… then they're also going to be helping Orlando get back into this series.

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    thought i’d make my own game for us celts fans haha i find it much more tolerable

  • Jason

    Dwight had so many prayers rattle in. Good for him. It happens. But the Cs D on him wasn’t that much worse. And despite all that, Dwight gets lucky, explodes and they still lose. So, I agree, what ever Dwight does or doesn’t do, doesn’t really worry me.