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Your Morning Dump… Where Barnes wants a piece of The Truth

Pierce on barnes

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“I’d love to guard Pierce,” Barnes
told the Sentinel
. “I got the chance to guard him a little bit the
last game and felt that I did a pretty good job. But he’s really rolling
right now, so we need to slow him down somehow.”

“My third foul in the third quarter, when I tried to beat him over the
screen, he fell down like I threw him,” he said. “It was ridiculous. But
the refs called it so it was a good play. It was a flop, 100 percent,
and that’s how some guys like to play. But if the refs call it, it’s

WEEI: Barnes wants to guard Pierce, calls him a flopper

Yes Matt… go ahead and take a shot at Paul.  

I don't know if this says much at all… but it didn't really take me long to find this shot of Pierce getting a REALLY clean look off of you.  I don't know if you were just waving hi… or asking for an autograph… or I don't know what.  But I'm just sayin.

Barnes is actually a good defender but I still think Pierce will be able to get his shot off in this series.  Pierce has been nailing those step-back shots all series long.  Fat Man Gundy did us a favor by putting Vince on Paul and helping Pierce snap out of his funk.  And if VC switches to Ray, then Ray will just destroy him and snap out of HIS funk.

Pick your poison, Orlando.

On page 2: Big Baby doesn't give a crap… and that's a good thing

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Boston rookie Oliver Lafayette played AAU ball with Davis
in Louisiana.

He recalls Davis' demeanor and focus seemed to
change for the better when they faced some of the better teams, ones
that featured future NBA talent like New Orleans Emeka Okafor.

always gets excited for those games," Lafayette said. "He wants to show
his best. He wants to prove he's one of the best guys that plays this
game at his position."

Following Wednesday's practice, coach Doc
Rivers spoke with about Davis and his knack for stepping up in
big games.

"He's crazy enough to be confident," Rivers said.
"That's what we say. That's what (former Marquette coach and Hall of
Famer) Al McGuire used to say. He used to say, 'Give me 12 unaware
players and I'll beat 12 aware players every time.' Glen falls into that
category. He just comes out and plays. He doesn't give a crap where
he's at. That's confidence."

CSNNE: Big game, Big Baby time

Those are some pretty funny compliments. Big Baby is crazy and unaware. 

Um… thanks, Doc.

Glen has played pretty well.  He's been asked to step in and guard Dwight Howard 1-on-1 sometimes, he's getting the ball down low and he's finishing (with some pretty moves, by the way), and he's not forcing things.

Yes, he'll still get blocked… but he's not getting blocked as much.  Baby is playing much smarter right now than he was in the regular season. 

Makes sense, I guess.  It seems to have been a requirement for being on this year's team.

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  • Orb

    Re: Baby- that’s the old sports adage of the “triumph of the uncluttered mind.” Of course that cuts both ways for TA.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Besides Howard, there’s been one other Orlando defender that’s been giving me fits…and that’s…J.J. Redick. I don’t know what it is about that dude…but whenever he’s in the game they seem to do pretty well on both fronts.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Matt Barnes is a pussy playing on a 1 year vet minimum deal for his 2nd year in a row……and he’s complaining about Pierce, a perenial All-Star….when he should be complaining to whoever put those shitty tats on him.

  • Bill

    So I’ve come to accept to Baby’s frustrating learning curve known as the regular season to see it pay off in the playoffs.
    His excessive amounts of jumpshots jacked up and missed last regular season really helped him learn to hit them for the playoffs and the frustration of watching him get blocked every time in the low post this regular season has helped him smarten up for the playoffs.

  • aaron

    i’d bang the shiz out of barnes wife tho on vh1

  • irisheyes9302


  • Shawn-cvd

    Matt Barnes has been awful. He starts but cannot be trusted for more than 15 minutes per game. Granted Marquis Daniels is not even in our rotation but I cannot imagine Barnes getting any burn based on TA play this year.
    Sorry for the rib Nick but Mr Barnes has shown nothing. For the sake of full disclosure I too was a Matt Barnes advocate. Now I understand why he’s been an NBA journey man….

  • the-facts