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Weekend NBA.com contest

NBA.com is offering another prize pack.  Here's the contest:

The Conference Finals in the NBA continue over the weekend with Game 3 of the Boston/Orlando series kicking off on Saturday at 8:30 pm EST on ESPN and Game 3 of the Los Angeles/Phoenix series continuing the fun on Sunday at 8:30 pm EST on TNT.

This is a simple (and tough one). In the comments section let us know who will have the most points, rebounds, and assists this weekend. One player each, from either game, either team. Answers must be submitted by May 22 at 6pm EST. The winner will receive a free prize package from NBA.com

A representative of NBA.com will choose the winner.  


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  • The Truth is Here

    Points: Bryant
    Rebounds: Gasol
    Assists: Rondo

  • Green8Teen

    Points – Kobe Bryant
    Rebounds – Dwight Howard
    Assistss – Rajon Rondo

  • Celtsfan33

    Points – Ray Allen
    Rebounds – Dwight Howard
    Assists – Steve Nash

  • larry


  • Eli

    Points – Bryant
    Rebounds – Howard
    Assists – Nash

  • Joe

    Points: Bryant
    Rebounds: Gasol
    Assists: Nash

  • AMP

    Points – Bryant
    Rebounds – Odom
    Assists – Nash

  • Points – Paul Pierce
    Rebounds – Dwight Howard
    Assistss – Rajon Rondo

  • nick

    Points- Jason Richardson
    Rebounds- Amare Stoudemire
    Assists- Rajon Rondo

  • Paul


  • Rondo is not Guilty

    Points – Nash
    Rebounds – Gasol
    Assists – Rondo

  • POINTS: Paul Pierce
    REBOUNDS: Dwight Howard
    ASSISTS: Steve Nash

  • It’s friday at 4 i am 2 buzzed to think that hard, i may try tomm thanks guys

  • Jon

    Points – Ray Allen
    Rebounds – Pau Gasol
    Assists – Rajon Rondo

  • JD


  • JD

    Points: Kobe Bryant
    Rebounds: Dwight Howard
    Assists: Rajon Rondo

  • JD


  • points- ray allen
    rebounds- dwight howard
    assists- rajon rondo

  • points: Kobe
    rebounds: Odom
    assists: Rondo

  • Points: Brian Scalabrine
    Rebounds: Brian Scalabrine
    Assists: Brian Scalabrine

  • Points: Amar’e
    Rebounds: Howard
    Assists: Nash

  • Points: Kobe Bryant
    Rebounds: Rajon Rondo
    Assists: Steve Nash

  • DRJ

    Pts: Bryant
    Rbd: Odom
    Ast: Nash

  • PureBoston

    Points: Kobe
    Rebounds: Amare
    Assists: Rondo

  • Shawn-cvd

    Points Kobe
    Rebounds Gasol
    Assists Rondo

  • GranTur

    Points: Ray Allen
    Rebounds: Lamar Odom
    Assists: Rajon Rondo

  • SorryMan

    “Rebounds- Amare Stoudemire”
    LOLOLOL i hope this was a joke because otherwise you are straight up retarded

  • GEO

    Points- Kobe
    Rebounds- Amare
    Assists- Rondo

  • andrew N.

    Points= Richardson
    Rebounds= Gasol
    assists= Nash

  • greenbeand

    who cares- GO C’s!

  • Scott

    Points – Pierce
    Rebounds – Howard
    Assists – Nash

  • Orb

    Pts: Gasoft
    Rbs: Supergirl

  • Celticsgurl

    points: bryant
    rebounds: rondo
    assists: rondo

  • points PP
    Rebs Gasol
    ast nash
    is it wrong to leave a wedding to watch the celtics playoff game?

  • chuck


  • points- bryant
    rebounds- gasol
    assists- rondo

  • points- pierce
    rebounds- howard
    assists- nash

  • JShuttlesworth

    points- nash
    rebounds- odom
    assists- rondo

  • Michael

    Points- Amare
    Rebounds- howard
    Assists- Nash

  • Dan from Providence

    Points – Kobe Bryant
    Rebounds – Lamar Odom
    Assists – Rajon Rondo

  • Mikey

    Assists – Rondo
    Rebounds – Dwight Howard
    Points – Kobe

  • Sweet I was the first one to pick Amar’e as the high scorer and Nash as the high assist guy. I wonder if I won. If I did, my email address is jr@celticslife.com

  • Michael

    i also picked amare and nash! my email is twinguy7@hotmail.com!! Good job JR CelticsLife!