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Is there anything to the “disrespect” thing?

It's a question I had when allowed me to ask something of Doug Collins.

We keep hearing about teams feeling disrespected and using that as
motivation. The Celtics just beat the Cavs in a series where no one was
picking them at all. Is the notion of teams effectively using
disrespect as motivation legitimate… or is this just something fans
believe but isn't really true?

DC: In all my years
around it, I've never seen a team that says, "Hey we're going to show
you what we're all about." I think Doc Rivers ?did such an incredible
job all year long, because if you read is stuff during the season, he
said, "I like my team. – The big thing is: Can we get healthy? Can we
get everyone ready to go come playoff time?" They lost games during the
regular season because Doc aired on the side of "I'm going to be
patient, I'm going to be cautious, we're going to cut back on practice
time, so we can be ready to go in the NBA playoffs." The Lakers have
done the same things this year- 57 wins; a lot of people say they may
have won 70. Phil Jackson navigated the landscape. You saw that Gregg
Popovich did the same thing with an older team in San Antonio.
when I look at things, this disrespect thing, you know it's easy to
throw out there that they've got a chip on their shoulder,
this-that-whatever, but I think what beats in those type of guys' chest
is a competitive heart of a champion. That is really what the motivating
factor is. And if Boston is healthy, and I talked about this the other
day a little bit: If you took the Boston/Cleveland series and if you're
going to choose up sides and you had to choose teams, how many guys
would you pick off Cleveland, and how many would you take off of Boston?
Arguably you'd take LeBron with the first pick, but then you would take
five Celtics starters as your next 5 picks.

They got a couple of guys from a couple of sites representing all of the playoff teams… so there are a lot of good questions in there.  Worth checking out.

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  • DRJ

    Doug sort of sidestepped your question… his answer doesn’t address it after the first sentence. You didn’t ask whether disrespect was the ONLY motivating factor, just whether it COULD BE, or has been A motivating factor.
    Never been too impressed with Collins as a commentator. They say he’s a great coach, tho…. have no idea.
    What I do know is that the Celtics have done well when they’ve been underdogs. Of course… they’ve always been underdogs, so maybe that doesn’t mean much. 🙂
    But we do know that the team has had problems this year with laziness and especially overconfidence, especially — and still, to some (smaller) extent — late in games. To prevent that, and add to their motivation, it makes sense — and certainly CAN’T HURT — for them not to be the favorites.
    So I’m still holding out hope that they will be the underdogs vs. Lakers (assuming it comes to that). And last night, Marc Spears said he would take the “Lakers in 7” if the Finals came down to them vs. Celtics. Same Spears who was writing for the Globe until recently.
    So there’s hope yet that ONCE AGAIN, we will be the underdogs. Good! Don’t tempt fate, I say. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Hell, this site is keeping TA off the banner for similar, but much, MUCH worse reasons than that!