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Enemy Chatter: Choking and gagging like a Boston terrier

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Orlando.

And, don't kid yourself. In Boston sports right now there is something
in the air that smells more rancid than curdled clam chowder.

It is the civic scent of uncertainty; the atmosphere of asphyxiation;
the helpless feeling, that any minute, the local sports team might start
and gagging like a Boston terrier with a splintered pork chop bone
lodged in its throat.

lead the Orlando
2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals and the general
consensus is this series is over. Of course, that's what the
thought a couple of weeks ago when they were up 3-0 on the Philadelphia
in the Stanley Cup playoffs and proceeded to pull off the
biggest choke job we've seen in sports since
tried to strangle P.J. Carlesimo.

Orlando Sentinel – Don't stop believin', Celtics could fold

The Sentinel's Mike Bianchi is one helluva writer. I've really enjoyed reading his stuff during this series.

But… to compare the Celtics to the Bruins is the biggest stretch imaginable. My 5-year old and his gang of imaginary friends (Kiki and Jackson) couldn't dream up something so ridiculous.

The Celtics are a team with championship pedigree, a veteran team with physical and mental toughness. The Bruins had none of those qualities.

Bianchi has balls to throw around words like 'choke' and 'gag' after watching Vince Carter and J.J. Redick perform both tasks so admirably in the closing moments of Game 2.

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  • NineSevenEight

    So the Celtics go up 2-0….on the road….as underdogs against a team that was unbeaten in the playoffs up until a week ago….and they’re the chokers? People in Orlando are more delusional than I thought.
    No the series is not over, but to reach across the world to make a comparison between two DIFFERENT teams in TWO DIFFERENT sports with TWO DIFFERENT lineups?
    David Stern really needs to shorten the time between games because this tabloid garbage is getting out of hand. From tweets to winks to this….sad era in “journalism”

  • Green8Teen

    hockey is 1000000% percent not the same as basketball. the comparison is absolutely rediculous. and if i’m not mistaken, wasn’t the yankees 3-0 lead on BOSTON’s BOSTON RED SOX only in 2004? i’m pretty sure the sprewell incident was in 1997…

  • AP

    It could happen (if Doc’s worries materialize)…yet it will not. The Celts seem to be VERY focused. Celtics sweep.

  • hahaha Orlando fans are insane. Calling US out….thats the last thing you want to do. This guys needs to learn that the Boston Celtics have smelt blood…and they smell it now. Our starters just have to maintain their focus because they’re killin it, namely Pierce and Rondo. Our defense is strong as long as we keep stopping Orlandos threes then I think we are safe.

  • DRJ

    Don’t you get it? These two teams are both IN THE SAME CITY!! Therefore, of course…. uhh…. well…. they’re in the same city!!!!….. uhh………. Oh nevermind, I forget the logic. Maybe that’s because there never WAS any logic