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Your Morning Dump… The Celtics need to stay hungry


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"I wish we could take them to Alcatraz for four days and be on the
island all by ourselves," Rivers said. "That's not going to happen.
Going home, it's great in a lot of ways. But in other ways, it's tough.
Everywhere they go, they're going to hear how great they are.

"We haven't done anything — you need four wins; we have two. That's it.
Orlando hasn't had a chance to play in our place. So we have to just
keep playing basketball."

ESPN Boston – Keeping the killer instinct

While we all remember the gigantic egg laid at the Garden in Game 3 vs Cleveland, this Magic team lacks a superhero (sorry Dwight, but the Cs proved in Game 2 they can withstand your best offensive game) who can single-handedly lift them to a victory.

If the Celtics stick to the formula (1-on-1 vs Howard, aggressive perimeter defense), I don't see how they lose either game at home.

The Celtics also have history on their side:

In the history of the NBA, 14 teams have dug themselves out of a
two-games-to-none hole to win a series. But only three teams have ever
done so after dropping the first two games of a seven-game series on
their home floor: the Dallas
in 2005, the Houston
in 1994, and the Los
Angeles Lakers
in 1969.

On Page 2, premature talk about this team being better than 2008.

Back then it took them three more games just to get to this round,
and they split the first two with Detroit in the conference finals. By
this point, the Celtics already had faced two elimination games.

But the recent success makes comparative sense. They’re better now.

James Posey and P.J. Brown are gone. Kevin Garnett, Paul
and Ray Allen may not be quite the consistent forces they were back
then, but they’ve become so good at picking their spots, the difference
is barely noticeable to the naked eye…

But the current Kendrick
Tony Allen and Glen Davis are much improved from 2008.

You still have Pierce and Allen to come off screens and make shots, but
the major difference this time around is that you have Rajon Rondo, who
can break a foe’s back by himself. His scoring drives don’t just deliver
two points. The wildly dramatic fakes rub the opponents’ noses in the
two points and makes them a half-step slower coming back up the floor.
Watch next time he does one of those Globetrotter moves that included
everything but the rubberband on the ball to bring it back.

Herald – Improved Celtics may be better than in 08

Steve Buckley does a great job laying out all the evidence, and it's a debate I'm salivating to have. But this is the kind of talk Doc Rivers referenced. We can resume this discussion in two weeks.

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  • I 100% agree. All the chatter of ‘which team was better’ stops at, well, the ’08 team won a championship’. All chatter should be about how we go up 3-0.

  • Perry

    The long layoff concerns me. It will however give Kevin a chance to gather himself, and Perk some rest. Perk needs to stay on the floor longer than 15 minutes.
    I wasn’t so thrilled about Pierce’s post game interview either. But, he wants the crowd juiced Saturday night, which no doubt will make the Magic’s task that much more difficult. I have a feeling he’s going for 35-40 in game 3.
    Based on the stakes and how different guys are stepping up from one game to the next I don’t see a letdown. The Magic are going to have to shoot lights out in one of these two games in Boston to have a sniff at a split. Has anyone noticed the Celts haven’t lost since Rondo’s monster game evened the Cleveland series?

  • Greg

    We have no problems winning in Boston. That environment doesn’t phase us. We thrive on shutting crowds up, so please get as rowdy as you all want. Expect this series to come back to Orlando tied 2-2. I predict Stan will have made great adjustments, our offense will finally wake up, move the ball, and our shots will start to fall. The 3 full days off will benefit us. Gives us a chance to regroup, make adjustments and cool you all off. When Rondo is hitting J’s, you know you’re going good. That can’t possibly happen again…we’re very confident.

  • green8teen

    He’s been hitting them the entire playoffs, so why would he cool off now? Clearly not because of Jameer’s lockdown D. Orlando thrive’s off double teams, and the Celts just aren’t gonna do it, so I don’t see the Orlando offense getting much better. Obviously Orlando plays good on the road, but what have they done to show you they “thrive” on shutting crowds up?

  • What Magic fans aren’t understanding, is that there is plenty of room for improvement in the Celtics offense.
    Stop acting like the Celtics have played two perfect games and can’t play any better.
    While I fully expect you to have confidence in your team, saying they will come into Boston and win 2 straight games is borderline silly.
    Orlando’s best chance is a split, then win Game 5 at home and steal Game 6. Then its no holds barred in Game 7.

  • NineSevenEight

    It’s the, “Magic in 4”, I mean, “Magic in 5”, I mean, “Magic in 6″….guy.
    1. YOU don’t shut crowds up because YOU don’t play for the Magic.
    2. Your predictions are comical.
    3. Rondo’s big time jumper in the fourth in Rashoid’s face looked pretty sweet.

  • green8teen

    hahahaha Rashoid…that’s fantastic. I haven’t heard that brought up the entire series…or even season for that matter (not that it should be a subject, just surprised no Boston fans have brought it up yet).

  • you guys are gonna need to be firing on all cylinders and have the celts misfiring on all cylinders to take even one of the two games… also you need more of that amazing clutch play from vince and reddick…

  • mollysdaddy

    Here’s why I’m confident the Celtics can win it all.
    They now need to win 6 of the next 12 games in the playoffs.
    That’s only 50%.
    All the pundits have been squaking about how the Celtics were only a .500 club since Christmas. Well, at our worst, we’ve proven we can win half out games.
    TEE and or HEE

  • michael

    I like the spirit of your analysis very much, but true worst was:
    Dec.27 – Feb. 27
    13W-16L, including two 4W-8L stretches
    Season end
    lost 7 of 12
    Granted if season’s end had mattered, I’m sure they could’ve taken a couple of those.
    more than the W/L numbers, I like the matchups we have with Orlando and Lakers 🙂
    I would also like to see some numbers on San Antonio’s worst stretches from their latter championships. I seem to rember them taking it slow 2nd half of season too!

  • michael

    nevermind. the Spurs pretty much kicked A all year long the last decade, then occasionally lost in the playoffs.

  • mollysdaddy

    Sorry, not really and analysis, just having some fun after I realized it really does come down to a .500 record for both the Lakers and Us. I still see a sweep this series, and have not seen enough Lakers ball to say anything other than there is no reason for the Celts to lose.

  • DRJ

    Kudos for not bringing up the 32-0 Celtics record when up 2-0 in the playoffs. (Those teams of the past have no statistical relationship to the team now.)


    Agreed – KG has missed a lot of open jumpers – when they start falling we’ll see how the series ends up. Ray Allen was quiet last game – if he gets his usual 15-18 and KG hits the open jumpers the pick and roll are giving him this could get ugly…
    Greg – how is the offence gonna start clicking better. U think the C’s defence is gonna get worse?? Looking forward to those adjustments…

  • Rush

    yup for are correct that you can really shut up crowds. just see what vc did with those 2 missed fts.
    oh wait. you meant the opponent’s crowd.