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You want us? Come get us!

Be careful what you wish for Lakers, fans… cuz you just might get it.

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  • Alex

    Laker fans really should be rooting for the Orlando Magic if they want another easy championship, but I guess they have the balls to want Boston instead.

  • LarryLegend

    My wife talked her Dad and sister last night. She’s from Orange County so they were out and apparently that’s the talk of the town right now. They want a rematch from 08 and of course the rivalry. He’s still pissed she married a diehard Celts btw.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Yep, that is the talk out here right now. Flaker fans get blinded by their obsession for there team, and they don’t realize they haven’t played a team with good defense in the playoffs yet, (Thunder/Jazz/Suns=NO DEFENSE). Or that we have more height, length and toughness than they have faced yet. We match up with them really well and our bench is better and savior bynum is hurt yet again. I would say homecourt advantage would be there only chance to beat us, but we’ve been road warriors this year, so that doesn’t worry me either.

  • Greg

    Were they saying Boston or Botox?

  • DRJ

    HCA is meaningless to the Cs this year. Proved it in the regular season, and now in the playoffs too.
    Agree about LA not facing a decent defense yet. They (fans) have no idea what’s in store for them…. again.
    The one area where LA has actually improved is not Bynum, and certainly not Artest (compared to Ariza). It’s Gasol. His play, and interplay with Kobe, are much improved over 08. He will be a tough and important cover for KG/Sheed.
    I don’t see Bynum as a problem for Perk/Baby.

  • jared

    Stupid Lakers fans. You know not what you wish for.
    Seriously though, Celtics Lakers final gives me heartburn. The very thought of the Lakers even sniffing a championship makes me want to toss.

  • DB

    Agreed, we need to keep them from winning #11 at all costs

  • KY Celts fan

    Thunder did have a decent defense, I think it was 8th in the league I believe. But yeah, Jazz and Suns = No defense!
    And Gasol may be improved, but we’ll see how well he does when Garnett starts pushing him around like a little doll.

  • KY Celts fan


  • GMoney82


  • larry i see the laker trolls will be out in full force for the next month.!!if you guys are going to talk sh..t, at least take off the caps lock, at least that way you guys will sound intelligent.

  • SorryMan

    Haha, you Celtics actually have no idea what you are going to go up against, let’s remember that the hungry, revenge-bound Lakers actually have something to fight for
    So far, it looks like the Celtics over confidence will be their achilles heal, you know that the fans will be 10x louder and our players will have 10x the motivation, and to top that we also have HCA. Remember the energy and passion that the Lakers had going up against the Celtics every game the two teams played after the 08′ finals? Yes, I believe we went 3-1, Regular season doesn’t matter but expect the passion and drive to be there.
    Back to Back, Yeah, Yeah

  • No You Come to me

    Wait Wait Wait… “Come Get us”? last I heard you guys barley broke the 50 mark. Bostons coming to L.A. baby kids

  • California kid

    Not writing in caps lock doesn’t prove you’re intelligent idiot.

  • haha

    dude go back to school. When has not typign in caps lock make you sound intelligent? I seriously think Celtics should ban you as a fan because they dont need any dumbass like you around. Go root for the wizards or something. They need more fans. ahhaha


  • LakersDominateCeltics2010

    LOL boston fans. You dont get it do ya? Last time, Paul Pierce played like he did because if you look at who was guarding him during the series, it was a serbian dude that played 0 Defense. Yeah, his name’s Vladimir Radmonovic. This time you’re precious actress will be hounded by a certain individual we like to call…Ron Artest.

  • mikey

    Game 5 Boston Celtics 128 Los Angeles Lakers 88

  • mikey

    Yeah we do get it.
    2080:Game 6 Boston Celtics 131 Los Angeles Lakers 92
    2010:Game 5 Boston Celtics 128 Los Angeles Lakers 88(THIS IS THE REMIX!!!)

  • mikey

    Chance of Celtics winning 2010 NBA Finals=
    Chance of Paul Pierce winking after Game 2 2010 ECF.
    Probability 100.1%

  • lainok

    Of course we want Boston. And of course we are obsessed with our team. This rivalry is the best in sports. Let’s put away our hatred for a second, and agree on one thing, we are all die hard basketball fans, right? Well then if you want the best the sport has to offer, then you want this match up. Do I want revenge? Yes. Is it possible we lose again? Yes. But if they win I would rather lose to the best than beat some chump team that shouldn’t be there in the first place. And you should have the balls to not want to take the easy road. If you believe your guys are truely the best, or even tied for the best, then you should want them to play a worthy opponent. I may hate your team, but I respect it, it’s grittyness, it’s skill, it’s ungodly gifted young PG. On the same hand, you can hate Kobe, but you shouldn’t deny what he has meant to the game. You guys deserve respect, and we deserve the same from you.

  • Nick

    what an epic battle this will be. Ya Artest is tough and Bynum is there, but we have Big Baby now, the best PG in the NBA, and Perk and K.G along with Sheed, are just far too physical for the Lakers..Home Court advantage in this series is irrelevant because both teams are just as good on the road as they are at home. I’m really curious to see if they stick Kobe or Fisher on Rondo, either way its bad because Kobe will have to expend too much energy and get into foul trouble iF he’s on Rondo..And if its Fisher, then WOW that could get ugly quickkk. Same goes for Shannon Brown and Dumbo Farmar. 4 ALL the hype that Odom gets he is surprisingly docile against the C’S except for talking alotta shitt. Celts in 6.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Wow, an actual educated Flaker fan. You must have been a fan since the 80’s to understand this rivalry and have respect for the other team. I’m right there with you, and this is always the dream matchup for the finals. You might get us back this year, I’m just saying it won’t be easy. We’re not the Suns, Jazz or OKC, you don’t have our number like you do theirs. We’ve beaten the #1 team in the league this year and soon the #2-beating the #3 team shouldn’t be much of a problem either.

  • DB

    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week
    (but it’s true!)

  • Atlas Shruggs

    If there is a Game 7, would you rather be at home or on the road? The Celtics are playing well on the road, but home court matters.
    I know Hollinger is a dweeb on ESPN, but he said last year that the 2-3-2 favors the home team more statistically than the 22111. Basically, unless the Celtics are much better than the Lakers, they will need to win the title in LA.
    I am not sure the last time a 4 seed won the title. But how about this one. The Celtics have no All-NBA players and nobody on the Celtics got an MVP vote. I am positive nobody like that has won the title before.
    I predict the Nate Robinson trade haunts. Eddie House used to kill the Lakers.
    And I credit Nick from 11 months ago. Matt Barnes and Grant Hill would have been much better than Taser’s son.

  • thebleeptruth

    I really hate it when people refer to Kobe as the Black Mamba. When the hell has he ever earned that moniker in the first place?? I think started back in 07 or 07. But it seems like some random alias the people thought of just to give Kobe one. Jordan was Air Jordan, LeBron was The King (eecchh!!), and maybe they thought why should Kobe just be plain Kobe. For me though, I think it’s way too late for him to be given a moniker. He’s still plain Kobe.

  • PPSucks

    Wait wait wait how can we come get you when you guys have to come to L.A. first?

  • PPSucks

    Yeah i do get it 2080 hasnt happend yet Pwned

  • Shawn-cvd

    LOL like Grant Hill was ever available.

  • lainok

    No, I was born in 1982, so I don’t really remember showtime. I started being a laker fan during the nick van exel years. That was rough. I just know my history, and have more respect for the game. I hate when I see boston fans just ripping on the lakers or laker fans, and just using stupid stereotypes to back up their trash. But in the same respect, I don’t like seeing laker trolls on this site. We hate each other’s teams, but the disrespect has to go. The celtics have 17 chips. The lakers 15. The lakers have been to the finals over 30 times in 60 years. The celtics own the greatest dynasty the sport has ever seen with the bill russell team. Neither of our teams is gay, or weak, or fake. Just leave that shit out of it, and debate basketball.

  • Ducksawce

    Yeah, but the Celtics had more all-stars this year than the Lakers….what’s your point? On the Lakers, only Kobe would get MVP votes…what does that have to do with the excellence of your team though?
    If I had to choose players between the two teams, I’d go with Kobe, Rondo, KG, Gasol, Pierce, Allen….easily….that’s 4 Celtics to two Lakers I’d choose…before I even get to another Laker. We’ve got MORE great players than you do.
    and again…the whole “Kobe is hungry” thing is tired….i mean, haven’t the Celtics already heard something strangely similar from the media in regards to the real “best player on earth”?…Lebron James? Good thing the idea of “superstar hunger” is irrevelant…
    just ask Dwyane Wade…ask Lebron James…ask Vince Carter and Dwight Howard too…ask Kobe in reminiscing about Game 6 2008….the responses will be the same.
    A better TEAM beat their asses….simple as that. Your Lakers are soft and prissy. They haven’t been through a tenth of what THIS Celtics team has had to undergo…and because of that, when crunch time hits, I trust that the BIG 4 are going to come through over your insecure 2…Kobe and Gasshole.
    Good luck guys. Your team is brilliant, and it could very well take it straight to the Celtics hard to a championship…but don’t pretend it’s going to take anything less than going through pure hell and exhaustion to get to that point…something which your Lakers are not the most adept at experiencing and learning from.

  • srm90

    If the Celtics were to win the Finals (assuming LA and Boston close these Conference Finals out, which I would bet good money that they do), it would be similar to the 1969 NBA finals. Boston was the 4th place in the Eastern Division and pulled off a monumental upset that will live forever in Lakers and Celtics lore. As a Lakers fan, this would be so devastating to me I don’t know if I would be able to handle it. If the Lakers-Celtics do meet in the Finals, Basketball Gods willing, I expect an epic battle. It will be an emotionally draining series for Lakers and C’s fans.

  • mikey

    Oh yes it will, and it will be the same result as 2008.

  • mikey

    We don’t have to do anything.
    We’re the Celtics.
    We win championships while other teams get “the wink”.