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Rondo’s sponsored playoff talk

Rajon Rondo just pulled random clothing out of his closet that… shocker of shockers… just so happened to have the Red Bull logo plastered all over it. 

So he did some things… and they shot it… and now we're showing it to you. 

What else you gonna do?  Work? 


(H/T MrTrpleDouble10)

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  • DRJ

    Are those birds tweeting in his underarms?

  • michael

    OK, I’m an audio pro (or call it geek if u like), so I notice strange things. I have to point out that all the voiceover clips have annoying clicking/static sounds in them. Sounds like a sampling rate issue. Ironically, I had the same issue recording audio on a Lenovo T500 recently.
    The static/click is NOT present in the very first and very last clips (where he is actually live on camera with the red jacket on).
    I know probably no one cares and this is not a tech forum. But if you guys happen to know how I could get a hold of the producer or anyone who worked technically on this clip, I would welcome the opportunity to help figure out what causes this. Feel free to pass on my info if you have it. thx

  • I haven’t the slightest clue.