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Garnett is dominating Rashard Lewis

Chuck - Red's Army May 20, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on Garnett is dominating Rashard Lewis

Via Paul Flannery of

Not only has Lewis not been able to score — just 11 points — he
hasn’t even been able to get shots off — just 16 in two games.

Credit for that goes mainly to Garnett, along with Glen Davis, who
have a hand in his face on almost every jump shot he’s attempted. In
Game 1, both of Lewis’ made shots came on simple put-backs from
offensive rebounds. In Game 2, his one made 3-pointer, the only one he’s
made in the series, came on a wide open look off a kickout.

“Nothing,” Doc Rivers said when asked about any special coverages. “We
just guard him. He’s actually had some shots that he’s not made. I
think the key to us guarding Lewis, or any of their guys, is the better
we are in pick and roll, the quicker we’re back in our rotations. If
we can’t get back, Lewis is wide open.”

It’s true that Lewis has missed some shots that he would ordinarily
make, but that’s only because he’s such an extraordinarily talented
shooter. Rolling through his shot attempts with the help of Synergy Sports,
Lewis has had only one clean look at a jumper, his made 3 in Game 2. In
all the others, Garnett or Davis were out contesting his shots with a
hand in his face.

I love Doc's response – "We just guard him."

In other news, the Celtics put out a warning about counterfeit tickets.

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