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Doc still beating the humble drum

You gotta love Doc. He's trying to keep the guys honest.

Earlier this morning on the Dennis and Callahan show, Doc cited two areas of concern:

Rivers said there are areas of the game the Celtics need to improve
heading into Saturday night's Game 3. "The [Magic's] dribble penetration
is starting to hurt us," he said. As for the other side of the court,
"Offensively, we've had two bad fourth quarters. … We have to be more

Meanwhile, the media is still covering the Paul Pierce hacked Twitter account story. Zzzzz…

"I don't know, I think you guys know more than me on that," said Pierce.
"I guess somebody said that I said, 'Break out the broom.' I'm not
going to say that … that's pretty unprofessional. That's something I
wouldn't say like that. I would probably talk some trash on the court,
say something that I wouldn't say here, but I definitely didn't say

Pierce is also being questioned about his "brash" comments after the game. Is there really anything wrong with saying "we're coming home to close it out?"

Stop trying to make something out of nothing. How about asking him about the league letting Dwight Howard off the hook for his violent foul?

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  • Greg

    Hey whiner..he did get asked about Dwight (see below)…and I’m glad he doesn’t whine like the Boston fans do. Letting him off the hook? lol Give me a break. Like I said before, perhaps you are better suited for the WNBA if you have that much of a problem with a good hard playoff foul.
    “My reaction to him not being suspended is a good reaction,” Pierce said. referring to the Flagrant 1 call against Howard with 4:16 left in the second quarter of Tuesday night’s game at Amway Arena. “We want their team’s best. In order to be the best, you want to beat their best. When they have Dwight Howard, they’re a good team and we want their best team on the floor.”

  • Greg

    and yes, you all actually do whine more than the drama queen himself..Paul Pierce.

  • Pierce makes a good point. When the Celtics sweep, it will feel more gratifying seeing Howard sulk on the bench.
    Greg – you’re a pretty feisty guy. The Magic should suit you up instead of Rashard Lewis.

  • NineSevenEight

    Rather have the drama queen that can make free throws in crunch time than the drama queen that can’t.
    But like Sheed said, only some guys can handle it. As for the others, “that’s when the buttholes get tight.”

  • Jason

    I can’t believe Greg’s nerve, audacity, stupidity, everything. He’s become a bad, old joke extremely fast.

  • DRJ

    The true test (of sanity) will come if his team goes down 0-3.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    I’m with pierce, I want Howard on the floor as much as possible, Gortat is more of a threat. Besides if he were out we wouldn’t get to here Wario bitch and complain at him during time outs. Not to mention Craig Sager would be the only one dressed in a clown suit at the press conference. Bring on Dwight, I can’t get enough of his game!

  • Greg

    When the Celtics sweep? Wow, bold statement..can I quote you on that?

  • mikey

    Paul Pierce
    1.Best Player in the World.
    2.Best Shooter in nba history.
    3.Greatest player of all-time.
    4.Greatest 3pt shooter of all-time.
    5.Best Player to ever play the game.
    6.Best Foward in basketball history.
    7.Greatest clutch player of all-time
    8.Best Player in the Universe.
    9.Best wink of all-time.
    10.The Truth.
    Choose only 10 of the above.

  • jared

    Im so sick of people trying to hate on Paul Pierce, Captain of the Boston Celtics. Whether its pumping up BS like the wink, or comparing him to TMac and V. Carter, its ridiculous. Call Paul Pierce a drama queen, whatever. Guy gets stabbed on our streets, and comes back and represents for our city and club. Paul Pierce is one of the greats. Get used to it. Well be saying it for quite a while.

  • mikey

    Hey listen buddy Paul Pierce stinks alright, he’s not a good player, remember he went into a wheel chair and then he flashed a gang sign, alright.
    He stinks, he’s a drama queen, can’t shoot, can’t pass, can’t score. He plays on a crappy team, their all a bunch of punks and thugs ok that’s reality thats the way it really is. The guy just isn’t good at basketball.
    -Your friends from espn

  • mikey


  • Nora

    Pierce is a winner and has proven it. Unlike certain other players and teams

  • Mauritz

    If Doc leaves this summer, isn’t there a good chance that Thibodeau will be our next head coach?

  • thebleeptruth

    Hey Greg, STFU!

  • thebleeptruth

    If he does, I would really hope Thibs would be the obvious replacement. I doubt Rivers will be leaving though whether we win the championship or not.