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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics are teaching the Bruins a lesson

Dwight pierce

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Put it this way: If the Bruins played hockey as well as the Celtics did
last night, they’d still be playing.

“Ooh, real tough,” Glen Davis said of the 95-92 victory against the
Magic in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. “Man it was a fight.
We don’t worry about how pretty the game is. We leave that to the pretty
boys. We just go out and play the game like it’s supposed to be

It is supposed to be played like this in the postseason. Fifty-four
fouls that were called and 54 more that were missed.

“It was a great game intensity-wise,” coach Doc Rivers said. “It was a game of runs, very physical. They got
the better of us in that, I thought. They brought the fight to us in a
lot of ways. I thought we withstood the hits, and that’s something
you’ve got to keep doing.”

Herald: Celtics' hockey style a hit

That's why Paul Pierce getting blasted by Dwight Howard didn't have a negative effect on that game.  Even when Pierce lost HIS cool for a moment, Sheed (what?) and Ray were there to grab him IMMEDIATELY and usher him back to the bench.

This team is too strong in too many ways.  They're playing tough, tough, basketball and Orlando just doesn't know how to respond.

I'll be honest, I didn't expect that in Game 2.  I expected a step back from the C's.  I thought they might be satisfied with the split and we'd see a let down.

I'm impressed. 

On Page 2:  Pierce's twitter gets hacked

Photo by John Raoux-Pool/Getty Images

At some point during his postgame press conference, a post
on Paul
Pierce’s Twitter page
appeared that read: Anybody got a BROOM?

A reporter picked up on it and asked Dwight Howard in his press
conference about it, to which Howard replied, “Am I supposed to comment
on that?” Pressed for a comment Howard said, “Pride comes before a fall.
Just know that.”

WEEI: About that Paul Pierce twitter post

I admit… I was duped yesterday until that "Anybody got a broom" tweet… which just so happened to come while Paul Pierce was at the podium talking.  It never occurred to me that his twitter account was hacked until then… but our boy KWAPT sniffed it out before the "broom" comment.

Dwight Howard was PISSED when he heard that.  And that reporter probably feels like an ass because he asked the question thinking he had a big scoop.

But somewhere today, you might see some stuff about Pierce trash talking via Twitter.  It's not true. His Twitter page is now points to an athlete interactive page that says Pierce was hacked.  

That didn't stop Pierce, however, from looking directly into the camera postgame last night and promising to close this series out at home.  He might as well have said "anybody got a broom" at that point.

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  • DRJ

    – No worries. The fact that Paul’s account was hacked has already hit the media… by end of day, it’ll be common knowledge.
    – Paul’s sudden jump from the floor was strange. I think he was momentarily confused, and not trying to fight back. He’s way too smart to generate a tech like that, for nothing.
    – The way Paul looked into the camera and winked, I coulda sworn he was talking to US… yeah, US… the true believers. (!)
    – It was very interesting the way Doc described the game’s last few seconds. He said they WANTED to foul Redick after that last rebound, and that they were SCREAMING from the bench to get it done — but somehow, it didn’t happen. That’s what Doc said. I wonder.
    Rondo was tracking Redick after the rebound, and I’m sorry, but RONDO DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES LIKE THAT. If the timeout plan was to foul the rebounder immediately, there is ZERO DOUBT in my mind that Rondo would have done it. Rondo “forgot” something that important?? Please. It’s ridiculous.
    So I am forced to the conclusion that the CELTICS PLANNED THAT ENDGAME EXACTLY THE WAY IT HAPPENED. They decided NOT to foul, but instead to scream about it at the top of their lungs. How incredibly BRILLIANT is that? Redick spent about 8 seconds of the little precious time they had left dribbling and WAITING FOR THE FOUL. And he got confused when it didn’t come… till he finally had NO CHOICE but to call a timeout.
    As a play coming out of timeout, it’s hard to imagine anything more brilliant.
    We are not gonna find out if this is what happened anytime soon. After the season is over, we might… we just might. For now, Doc wants to keep this one close to the vest. They might want to do it again sometime.

  • DRJ
  • Boston Man

    “- The way Paul looked into the camera and winked, I coulda sworn he was talking to US… yeah, US… the true believers. (!)”
    That gave me chills when I was watching it.
    He also said, “the fans wont let us relax.” You guys know what that means. If we catch them slacking, we boo them. Don’t wait until they’re down by 25 to boo.

  • TA

    the lesson of the bruins was that they didn’t close the series after going up big, the celtics have proved nothing in the regard.
    pierce trash talking (vince carter comment was dumb) and this overblown fanfare is bad luck. The magic are going to shoot better than 39%, a 3 point lead wont cut it when it happens, lets stay grounded and hungry. We play better when we are the underdogs.

  • Green In Cleveland

    I’m not worried about this team anymore. Even last night when we went down late in the fourth, I had a feeling we’d pull it off. Big Baby’s right, it wasn’t pretty (I think that was a veiled reference to LA). But I wasn’t dreading a collapse a la regular season.
    This IS the team from 2008. They know who they are, and where they are, and they are not giving up until until banner 18 ascends to the rafters. Cleveland had no answer; Orlando has no answer. Bring on LA!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    That was a hell of a foul…one of the hardest I’ve seen in a while. First a slash to the face by Horseface, and then a clobbering by the world’s largest Pinhead…what a bunch of blowhards. Oh yeah, that was the absolute best Dwight could shoot. Too bad Magic…YOU LOSE. *discreetly knocks on wood*

  • Celtsfan33

    I’m with you – most teams will let go a little when they win game 1 on the road and the home team plays with urgency in game 2. The C’s NEVER backed down last night. They were poised from the start of the game – and they stuck with the game plan. Paul Pierce took the team on his back and the rest of the guys followed his lead. The Truth hitting those Free Throws was so clutch – and don’t forget about KG’s baseline turn-around jumper after the Magic took the lead. This team is resilient and I love that about them. I’m impressed.
    6 to 18. Let’s do this….