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Vince is who we thought he was

Oh Vince Carter.  Every time someone starts to give you some kind of credit… you remind us why so many people make fun of you.  Or worse, write things like this:

Carter had been brought to Orlando in a trade with the New
Jersey Nets
for these moments, these late-game shots, and even the
Celtics privately raised eyebrows over how discombobulated he looked on
the line.

Everyone could see his two free throws never had a chance. Carter’s
weak in the clutch, his legacy further cemented in Game 2. No one
shrinks like him.

“Just don’t remind me,” Carter grumbled, when someone reminded him he
was an 84 percent free-throw shooter on the season. Just don’t remind
him? Oh, he’s going to be reminded every day this week.

This is just a shocking development.  It's not like anyone could see this all coming when Orlando was considering trading for him

Vince has ruined any promising situation he's been a part of. 

Magic need to do something to upgrade their team, but Vince Carter
isn't it.  Now… as a Celtics fan… I'd love to watch one of our main
competitors implode.  But I'm sure as hell not going to sit here and
pretend like that's a good deal for Orlando.   

Or shortly after they traded for him

I'm gonna take a wild stab at this… and guess that VC will react by
pretending to try hard… then reverting to what he has ALWAYS been and
then sulking and sleepwalking through part of the season until a
relatively minor injury forces him to sit out an extended period of
time… at which point Orlando's offense will go stagnant because
Rashard Lewis isn't a playmaker and Dwight Howard isn't a focal point
so the Magic will capitulate to him because they've invested way too
much money in him despite his history.  

I'm not bringing up things I've said in the past to gloat (ok, maybe I am a little)… I'm just trying to make a point here:

I'm just some dude who watches a lot of basketball.  The Orlando Magic have scouts, and film guys, and people who are a lot smarter and paid a lot more to evaluate guys like this.  Yes, he's a great individual offensive player… but he's never been much more than that… and he's certainly never been considered a "clutch" player.

If an idiot like me can see this coming… why couldn't they?

I'll thank them for it though… and suggest this as their new official team website.

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  • I’m just really happy that there’s a sad trombone site…oh and that 2-0 lead and stuff i guess. thanks vince!!

  • Sorry if I missed it already, but what’s your take on his wrist “injury” after he took that spill on the floor? Is that wrist previously hurt? It sure looked like that left wrist made the least contact with the floor with the least amount of pressure on it. But I didn’t get to watch the game until 2 last night so I may have been too groggy to see it clearly.

  • Stay cold VC. We’ll all be better for it. On the wrist it didn’t seem very intense.

  • DRJ

    Before this season began, I called 3 trades the worst of the offseason: Shaq to CLE, Carter for Hedo, and Artest for Ariza.
    Shaq was a bad move, all in all. Though he played “well”, he slows down any team he’s on now, and is therefore toxic to any team he joins.
    Artest for Ariza seems to have worked out reasonably well. Though Ariza has much more long-term potential.
    Carter seemed like a reasonably good move, because Hedo was great in his contract year, but then shrank up this year. Until last night, when the old/bad Carter showed up.

  • To be fair until he had his brush with Heimlich I thought he was having a very solid game.

  • seth

    I think it is time to throw up the espn experts pick chart. So for ja adande and hollinger are wrong.

  • Rush

    lol with nate. after the first miss and crowd quieted down, you could hear him heckling vc until he missed the 2nd ft. you can be sure he’s not encouragin vc and you get no tommy points.

  • Shawn-cvd

    As long as we’re talking about acquisitions this past Summer I gotta call out Nick over his boy. Matt Barnes has been awful. He starts but cannot be trusted for more than 15 minutes per game. Granted Marquis Daniels is not even in our rotation but I cannot imagine Barnes getting any burn based on TA play this year.
    Sorry for the rib Nick but Mr Barnes has shown nothing. For the sake of full disclosure I too was a Matt Barnes advocate. Now I understand why he’s been an NBA journey man…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Nate = ubuntu (spelling?). How was this guy so hated in New York? He’s the first guy off the bench celebrating with Ray, Baby etc. And Nate has been the ultimate cheerleader. He’s athletic enough if he doesn’t pan out as a player here he should become the next Lucky!