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Ref embarrasses himself with fan interaction

That's crew chief Joe DeRosa losing his cool for some reason when he was getting heckled by a fan… and tossing him the ball.

Now… he didn't THROW the ball at the fan… but he still toss it to the guy, which crossed a line.  What was the fan supposed to do?  Keep the thing? 

DeRosa needs to be fined and suspended.  These refs need to be put in line and made to understand that while they do appear on camera during games, the show isn't about them.    

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  • Nora

    Exactly there had better be a suspension. If a player did that it would be a guarunteed suspension

  • The Truth is Here

    so strange. What happened that made him toss the fan the ball?
    On a side note, if he tossed me the ball, I would have booked it out of the stadium, ball held high over my head while I ran.

  • Jason

    I’m no ref apologist, but is there any way whatsoever, this guy being behind the scorer’s table, that DeRosa thought this guy was a worker and was just tossing/giving him the ball to store and not throwing it at him?

  • someone pondered on the radio whether that guy was the same guy who was the father of the punky kid who got bumped by BBD after the game winning shot in last year’s playoffs.. He looked familiar to me too..

  • I guess there is a way.. if it wasn’t a professional ref, with 18 years experience, in a Conference Finals and the guy wasn’t talking smack.
    Sarcasm aside, I don’t see how it is even close to being anything but blatant. Then DeRosa probably realized what HE did was wrong so he ejected the fan to try to cover it.
    The long and short is how pathetic it is that we are in a dynamite series and this sh*t becomes a story. You are there to officiate the game, period. Do the job. And Stern/NBA, it is YOUR job to make sure the officials get that message loud and crystal clear.

  • I don’t think that’s Ernest, though that would be a great angle. Here’s Ernest and his poor son:
    However, I dug in the Red’s archives and stumble on this funny post almost exactly a year ago from titled, “NBA Refs are officially embarrassing”, and mentions how Phil J baits the refs… constantly. Looks like we shouldn’t expect the refs to change any time soon.

  • michael

    yes, he does look familiar. Could very well be the same dude. Has a look that says “I might be a Maloof brother, or a distant relative of Mark Cuban. Hey ref, check out my amazing reflexes.”

  • DRJ

    Stupid move by the refs, apparently. But we don’t know what the fan said… coulda been highly abusive. Plus, this was timeout… even the camera that caught it was out of focus. We just don’t know wfh happened there.

  • Since he is an NBA Ref his penalty will be having to work game 2 of the finals.