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No suspension for Dwight

Dwight paul

According to WEEI, the Flagrant 1 will stand, and it will not be upgraded to a flagrant 2… which would have resulted in a 1-game suspension for Dwight Howard.

Makes sense.  Flagrant 2 might have been a little too much.  I'm ok with no suspension… but I'm sure some of you are not.  So allow me to fan those flames with more photos of the foul.

Dwight paul 2

Dwight paul 3

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  • I’m not bothered by Dwight not getting suspended. In fact, I think it’s better if he stays put. Sometimes teams let down when another team’s best player is out. I still think it was ridiculous though that we lost KG for a game for that love tap to J-Rich w/the elbow.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    As long as Sheldon can come in and do the same to Red Dick, I have no problem with the hard fouls to the head.
    It’s funny, out here on sports radio they are already talking about going against the Celtics. And I think I sense a little nervousness. LOVE IT!

  • Seems, to me, that Dwight made a play on the ball. His follow through found head and maybe he wanted to see inside the head of a Champion so he let loose. Flagrant 1 sounds right. Was a good play for the ball.

  • DRJ

    Not bothered. It was 50-50, and it’s the playoffs after all. Howard did not wind up, and there was no evident prior intention to flagrantly foul. But he DID follow through, by pushing hard down. So f1 is not outrageous. Neither would f2 have been. Since it’s playoffs, no problem.

  • Definitely doesn’t bother me… I would hate for them to have an excuse for the upcoming Beantown Beatdown.

  • Yeah, I noticed that too man. During the Lakers/Phoenix game the other night I heard that the crowd at Staples Centers was chanting “WE WANT BOSTON!” All of my Laker friends want the Celtics to win this series with the Magic. I can’t wait.

  • tim stille

    who cares about a suspension we need dwight howard to get called for moving picks every single time he sets a pick he moves or slides or sticks his side out i dont understand how he doesnt get called for it and then somehow perk gets called for one to foul him out ???

  • rod

    wait a second…a celtic fan complaining about illegal picks?
    do you guys realize kg is on your team? the master of the illegal pick. lol

  • BrickJames

    good. him getting suspended would be bad. gortat kills us.

  • mrbigballs

    not bothered by the flagrant 1 standing. upgrading the foul would have been extreme – however, there was no play on the ball… howard went for pierce. find me a picture or video where it even looks like howard went for ball… that said, celtics in 5 over the magic, and 6 over the lakers