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Marquis Daniels’ stepfather got tasered last night


According to an arrest report, Willie Lorenzo Buie was being escorted out of the arena
by security when he began tensing up and resisting.

When another officer
tried to help escort Buie out, Buie said, "I'm not going. (Expletive)
you!" the arrest report said.

Several officers tried to restrain
Buie, but the arrest report said he kept resisting, so he was shot with a
Taser gun.

Damn. Sorry Quis. I hope everything works out with your stepdad.

On a lighter note, I bet Vince Carter would take a taser shot to the groin if it meant he could shoot those two free throws again.

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  • nick

    Good…Someone in the Daniels family deserved to get tasered for Queezys’ abysmal performance this year.

  • Mauritz

    No way would Vince take that. Did you notice how he was looking like he broke his foot when he fell on his wrist? Does anybody make such a big deal (groaning, faces, constantly touching the wrist…) of every little hit they take?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Amare’s mom got arrested again the other night, a bad for NBA parents this week.
    Ainge had no comment on the matter but suffice it to say that Dwight Howards grandmother better not show up at the Garden on Saturday night.

  • jared

    Im just glad the cops didnt kill the guy. Those friggin tasers are ridiculous. And it seems like theyll tase you for just about anything these days.