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Admit it, you’re craving a mock draft


With the Eastern Conference Finals essentially over, I figure now is a good time to start looking ahead to the draft.

ESPN's Chad Ford has the Celtics picking Kansas swingman Xavier Henry at 19.

Analysis: If Henry falls this far, it will be a pretty dramatic
development since he was once considered a lottery pick. Henry does
bring a few things to the table, however. He already has an NBA body and
he can shoot the NBA 3.

He may be a little
one-dimensional, but with Paul Pierce beginning to age and Ray Allen
hitting free agency, he'd be a nice fit in Boston.


  • NBA body
  • Excellent shooter
  • Deep range on the three ball
  • Strong finisher at the basket
  • Great size for position


  • Not an explosive athlete
  • Doesn't create a lot of offense through the dribble
  • Relies too much on his jumper
  • Doesn't exploit his strength
  • That concludes our NBA draft coverage. You may resume mocking the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard, Vince Carter and their fans.

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    • greenbeand

      pull a BB and trade for better position next year

    • AboveTheRim

      Where’d the 19th pick come from?
      So you’re telling me the Cs have the 19 and the 30 pick?

    • thetitleisours

      I personally would like to see Paul George or James Anderson. I think they would fit in for limited rolls.

    • thetitleisours

      Luke Babbitt?
      High praise for a guy picked for the 20th slot

    • Kwesi

      “With the Eastern Conference Finals essentially over” ?!?! Don’t write stuff like that, it’ll jinx the team. We’ve won those games by a combined 7 points, so all it takes is one or 2 shots to go down and we’re at 1-1 or 0-2.
      No jinx, NO JINX!

    • SorryMan

      How do the celtics have that 19th pick?

    • The Celtics have the 19th pick in the draft becuase they finished with the 19th worst record in the NBA, the nba goes off regular season standings for non lottery teams, not like the NFL where they factor in the playoffs into draft position as well
      anyway bottom line is that the C’s record at the end of the year was 50-32, tied with the Thunder Spurs and Blazers, from there the Celtics won the tiebreaker and were awarded the 19th pick in the draft, which will not change even if they win a title
      remember the cavs had the last pick in the draft last year not the celtics, and they did not even make the finals, but they had the best regular season record

    • If the Celtics get Henry it would be the STEAL of the draft, henry could easily have gone back to school next year and be the top pick in the draft and is one of the few players youll find that has the potential to be an elite wing in the NBA
      im praying the C’s can get him, it would give them “the guy” to go with Rondo and perk moving forward, definitely would ease the transition to life after the big three
      how often can you get a guy that would have been a top 5 pick in last years draft or next years draft at 19? heres to hoping they can pull it off

    • KY Celts fan

      Plus Paul would probably love to play with another Kansas alum

    • The Truth is Here

      I would be happy with Xavier Henry, but I just don’t know about him. He was projected in the middle lottery not too long ago, and he has the talent to succeed at the next level, but he does not excite me. I don’t think he can bring something great to the table, but be a solid 2-guard.
      The person that really has me giddy is Paul George out of Fresno State. He has a rare combination of athleticism and shooting ability.

    • i love paul george’s game too, ive been hoping for awhile now that we can get either george or henry
      i think it will be all about who falls to the celtics
      the group of players that could be available to slip to the Cs that i would want to take would be someone from the group of henry, george, Ed Davis, Aldrich, Greg Monroe, Gordon Hayword, Dan Orton, Larry Sanders
      overall i think a good draft for the Cs would go henry or george in the first and Pittman in the 2nd, or one of the talented bigs falling (aldrich, davis, monroe) and taking collins in the 2nd