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The most exciting missed dunk I’ve ever seen

I still don't know what to say about that attempt.  I don't even know what made him think he could get there.  But there's no doubt… Shannon Brown jumped like no one I've ever seen jump in game before.  If Jason Richardson didn't clip him a little… he would have finished that play.


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  • michael

    yeah, seriously impressive and fearless. that call coulda gone either way though, and the willingness to get in the way was equally daring. JRich was a bit late considering he’s still shifting to the left after Shannon picks up his dribble.

  • Holy crap!
    I remember a Shaq missed dunk from his days at LSU. He was on the break and I remember it as him taking off around the free throw line. He missed it long, the damn freak jumped too far. The ball sailed way above the camera shot and landed somewhere mid court.
    Of course it was so long ago I’m sure the play was really just a bunny made lay up. But in my head…

  • anon

    If u tell me it wasn’t even a close call. Jrich got outta position so he wouldn’t have gotten posterized lol.

  • DRJ

    Definitely impressive. But looked like an offensive foul to me.

  • You Don’t Know Jack

    not better than Clyde Drexler taking off from the free throw line in the 80’s vs the Lakers

  • You Don’t Know Jack