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The KG And Rondo Stare Down (Or Argument)?

During Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo were "staring" at each other over a blown defensive assignment.  At least according to Doc Rivers.  Doc told reporters that it happened early in the first quarter and resulted in him needing to call a timeout to clear the air.  The video below shows the only "argument" between KG and Rondo in the entire first quarter (that was on camera, anyway). 

The defensive mix-up occurred at the 10:49 mark and a timeout wasn't called until the 5:46 mark, by the Orlando Magic.  The Celtics didn't officially call a timeout until the 2:18 mark in the first quarter.  Here's the video, you guys can decide.

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  • Jason

    I specifically remember this play and thinking how stuffed Rondo got and it happened a few of the next possessions as well, but they were atrociously moving screens. Nelson does this. He goes one way around the screen, the screener (Lewis is the main culprit here) mid-screen will turn to head in some direction except he’s essentially still screening. That’s an atrocious moving screen. What’s even worse, then Nelson usually ducks right back the other way and the screener who was moving on, moves to try and screen again. Still, no whistle. Then, of course Perk gets two illegal screens because the little guy bounced off him even though Perk was perfectly still.
    Anyway, there’s no evidence of an argument here.
    Btw, Bill Kennedy reffing tonight. Take that as you may.

  • Adam Goodman

    Both of them were at fault… KG didn’t finish off the hedging and Rondo made absolutely no effort to even pretend to break through the pick…

  • DRJ

    Agree w Jason – that’s SO OBVIOUSLY a moving screen, it’s ridiculous. The guy’s dancing all over the place to maintain it.
    KG shows on that play… where he moves out to slow him down before getting back to his man… and you can see Rondo approaching KG afterwards to talk about it, just before they cut to Howard (for the remainder of the clip). I think Rondo had a problem with KG showing as he did, which, rather than slow Nelson down, did little but block Rondo from following his man. In this case, I think Rondo’s right. If you’re gonna switch, switch… don’t stick your body out and screen your own man. But there was probably more to it than just this play.
    I CANNOT believe they’re putting Bill Kennedy into a Celtics game, after all the nationwide reports of the row between them, and the reasons for it. Stupid, stupid. And just yesterday I went to bat for the refs, arguing that they’ve been FAIRER lately. This could get very ugly for the Cs. I’d say the probability of a win just went down.
    Should Celtics fans in Orlando hold up some signs about Kennedy’s, ahem, proclivities? 🙂

  • DRJ

    Here’s a fun article on the Celtics’ “grand old men”.
    I find it so weird that these spry 30-somethings are considered “old men”. What has this world come to?

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    ….eh, what? I’m glad you put argument in quotations, as this was just a regular interaction between KG and Rondo.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    CMON, Lets get some game 2 hype going!!