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It’s Not Fashionable To Be A Laker Fan

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There are always debates in every realm of sports as to which city has the best and most supportive fan base.  Just about every Boston fan can make a logical (and sometimes illogical) argument as to why they are at the top.  Folks in New York will make a counter argument.  Cities all across the country will never back down from such an argument and would do just about anything to prove their point.  Well, in MOST cities anyway.

Los Angeles Laker crowds are notorious for arriving "fashionably late" to games.  It doesn't matter if it's a pre-season or an NBA Finals game, Laker fans are all about style, not substance.  They're almost equally infamous for being a tame crowd, picking their spots to cheer (usually when Kobe does pretty much anything).  So when they were provided with free T-Shirts to show their unity and display a "gold-out" amongst the masses in support of their team, the majority of them opted out.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Not even the Lakers can tell a fashionable Los Angeles crowd what to wear.

Most fans at Staples Center on Monday night declined to put on their giveaway gold T-shirts for Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.

The Lakers handed out thousands of shirts with their logo on the back and the slogan "Together We Are One" on the front, attempting the popular color-coordination crowd stunt performed in several arenas during the NBA and NHL playoffs.

The idea definitely isn't hip in L.A., where the crowd gave the same polite disdain to thousands of giveaway white T-shirts earlier in the playoffs.

Some fans waved the shirts like a Terrible Towel, but most stuck them underneath their seats

Perhaps if Jerry Buss respected his fans a little more he would have had the T-Shirts designed by Gucci.  At least LA fans would have considered it.  Plenty of franchises in the NBA have done this very promotion, typically to rally the home team for a playoff game.  Even the Miami fans have embraced it and they're not exactly known as the most supportive/hardcore fans out there.

The marketing department in the Laker organization should reconsider giving anything out at this point.  After all, if the "fans" are going to toss the free foam fingers onto the court and not even wear the free T-Shirts, why bother?

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  • thetitleisours

    Hey, them’ fans cannot count that high 😉
    “Ref calls moderated by Stern” would be more accurate

  • paulpiercewearsgreenthongs



    Well LAKERSHATERS let me tell yall why some of us LAKERS fanz do not wear “give away” shirts….1. Yes we are all about STYLE 2. WE ARE IN HOLLYWOOD not TRAILERWOOD 3. our HEART and PRESENCE are all that matters 4. Thank you LAKERS front office as always for the “Free Shirts” but when that happens we are in the LAKERS store “BUYING” LAKERS MERCHANDISE already you hear and read clearly “B U Y I N G” I bet you trailer trash white honky red necks can not wait to get the FREE/GIVE AWAY stuff the celtic office give yall, trip out man….AGAIN WE ARE IN HOLLYWOOD, BEVERLY HILLS, DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES we have GAME and WE ARE NEVER BORED so keep on HATING!!!!!!

  • JD

    If you’re heart and presence are all that matter, how come we can never tell when you guys are even in the building?

  • lainok

    It’s tough for me as a die hard laker fanatic. I was born and grew up in L.A. until I was about 24. I loved it, but for the sake of starting a family, and both of my sons being autistic and having no insurance, we moved to Oklahoma. Over the years I’ve started to get to the point where I hate L.A. now. Not the place, but the people. It’s so superficial that it’s laughable. But that’s not the Lakers fault, and in their case, the hollywood scene is part of their identity. As to getting to games late? That’s just traffic. Until you have lived L.A. traffic, you will just think they are being fashionably late. Look, game starts at 7:30. You get off work at 5:30, don’t get out of the parking lot until 5:45. It takes at least 45 min to get thru the 405, 10 or 101 during rush hour. Then you have to get ready. Which if you are fast, you still inevitably are running late because the person you are going with is slow, so at least 45 min there. Then you have to drive into downtown, at least another 30-45 min. Then you have to try to find a parking spot. Most of the real lot has been filled, so you end up having to park 4 blocks away. So that takes about 20 min or so. 15 min to get thru the ticket lines and find a seat. So they aren’t fashionably late. They are just victims of a city with 10 million people in it.
    But every fan base and city has it’s issues. Philly fans and dwellers are crazy drunks.
    And I’ve been to boston many times. You guys are die hards, and half of you are pretty cool. The other half are some of the most arrogant A-holes I have ever encountered.
    Okie fans are some of the best I have ever seen. But they are okies. I can’t explain it. It’s like the matrix, you just need to see it for yourself.
    Look, the point is, we haven’t gotten to the finals together yet. So let’s save the trash for when it really matters and just celebrate that Lebitch is out of it.

  • Bryan

    Uhm…that’s because Laker Fans pay good money for their own Jerseys and T-shirts, which should be no surprise that LAKER MERCHANDISE tops the league in sales EVERY SEASON!!! Other teams wear the free crap because they can’t afford to buy NBA merchandise or don’t want to spend the money.