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Doc on Chicago rumor: “That’s silly”

Earlier today we pissed all over dismissed the absurd report rumor stating Doc Rivers would become the head coach of the Chicago Bulls next season.

Doc addressed the rumor during this morning's shoot around:

“It’s the first time I’ve heard it, but no,” Rivers told
“That’s silly.”

As Paul Flannery points out, Doc has another year left on his Celtics contract. A fact that boob over at AOL failed to recognize.

What's the fascination will all these 'package deals' involving LeBron James? LeBron and John Calipari. LeBron and Doc Rivers. What's next… LeBron and (insert joke here)?

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  • CFH

    Technically, the idiot at AOL did recognize that Doc has a year left on his contract… he just said that the Bulls would buy it out and that the Celtics wouldn’t be crazy enough to keep a coach who obviously wanted to go to the Bulls instead.
    (That’s about the only thing he recognized, though– the part where he didn’t realize that LeBron’s paperwork to change his number is only needed if he stays in Cleveland, and is not an indication that he’s going somewhere where 23 is retired anyway, is hilarious.)

  • Mr West

    LeBron & his new step dad…Delonte!

  • Perry

    We all know if Doc plans to leave it’ll be for Orlando. If he wins a title this year I would not be surprised to see him move away from coaching to be with his family. It could create a path for the Celts to hold on to the existing coaching staff if they promote Tihbs. Pretty clear now this team will not be blown up, so the players would want those familiar sets to remain intact instead of adpating to a new regime and system.
    Regardless, Thibs is going to find work as head coach in the off season. If the Celts advance to the finals his schemes would have stopped Wade, Lebron, and Howard.
    Doc could always be picked up by TNT or ABC/ESPN – especially if M. Jackson or Collins leave the booth. I think he’s too competitive not to finish out his contract with the organization if the C’s should lose.

  • I read that Lebron, MJ, Pippen & Phil Jackson are all going back to the Bulls. Oh and John Paxson too-yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • DRJ

    Big “duh” on this one. Story was nonsense.
    Btw… don’t know if Doc could do TV. He has no voice. And he’s not the acting type… I dunno. Coaching is what he was born to do, it seems.

  • Perry

    He worked for ABC (did the finals with Al Michaels) after being fired from Orlando and before coming to Boston