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Cue the wild speculation: Doc will go to Chicago with LeBron

Doc lebron Terence Moore speaks in definite terms over at FanHouse:

He's going to the Chicago Bulls.

Trust me.

Oh, and here's another thing: When
LeBron James switches his dribbling home around
the Great Lakes from Erie to Michigan, he'll bring his own coach with

It'll be Doc Rivers.

Now you can move on with the rest of your lives.

Yes, we CAN move on… because this is a load of crap.

There are no sources… there is no "I've been told".  There's just "this makes sense because…" and then specious reasoning that includes well, he's changing his number from 23 to 6, so he MUST be going to Chicago and Doc's FROM Chicago, so he's going home

That's all well and good, except his family doesn't live in Chicago.  And when he goes "home" in the offseason, he goes to Orlando, not Chicago.  You know why Orlando is his home?  Because he doesn't have to pay income taxes there.  That's why a lot of these guys live there. 

Yeah, home is nice.  Living in a place that lets you keep millions of dollars is better. 

Doc Rivers isn't leaving Boston to take another coaching job.  He's either sticking around or he's taking a couple of years off to go sit in the NBA TV studios in Atlanta.  I'll believe otherwise when he's gone… or when someone writes something that relies on more than a gut feeling.

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  • Greg

    “You know why Orlando is his home? Because he doesn’t have to pay income taxes there. That’s why a lot of these guys live there.”
    You act like that’s the only reason people live here. Forget the beautiful women, beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, beautiful golf courses (Doc’s an avid golfer), great fishing, great hunting, plenty of lakefront property for boating/jetskiing, etc. We are not confined to our homes 3/4’s of the year with sky high depression rates. Boston might be a nice place to visit for some historical site seeing but nobody wants to live there. Magic in 5.

  • river

    “magic in 5” because nobody wants to live in boston? ha ha ha! that is classic. and you conveniently don’t mention the stifling humidity during the summer, hurricane season, endless sprawl, hordes or tourists, and so on. any place has pros and cons, and if nobody wanted to live in boston then greater boston wouldn’t be the 10th largest metro area in the country, and 51st in the world.
    for my money, i’ll take four seasons, great history, architecture, culture, and a real city any time. that’s just me, though.

  • NineSevenEight

    River, you left out the most important detail.
    “Florida, where people go to die.”

  • wow, you’re sensitive.
    No, it’s not the only reason he lives there. But it’s the MAIN reason he lives there. If you think it’s for the beaches and golf and hunting… he could go live on the coast of North Carolina and be closer to Boston.
    But when you’re making millions, it’s a pretty good idea to live in a place that allows you to keep more of that money.

  • aagf1998

    Hehehehe . . . I dont think Doc will leave Boston. I believe the C’s are back and will get the ring again. It’s better for LeBron to go to MIAMI and play side by side with WADE, for sure they will win a ring together next season

  • Rob

    Except for the fact that Orlando doesn’t have a beach. You have to drive 2 hours to get to the coast.

  • The weather in Orlando sucks ass. Walking out your door and having your shirt stick to you and having to fight the urge to puke 10 months a year might be paradise to somebody but not to me. + Orlando is chock-full of fundy nuts who make everybodies life miserable.

  • DRJ

    100% agree. This “story” was crap from birth.