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C’s-Magic Game 2 Open Thread

Doc kg

Get ready to take their best shot, C's.  These guys are gonna come out hard… we've got to be able to respond.

I'm not satisfied with just taking one in Orlando.  I want 'em both. 

Time to go get it.

Celtics… HOOO RAH!

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Stick to the plan fellas. The only adjustments they can make is having the refs help them win. Ron Van Jeremy said they’d have to drive to the hole more to disrupt the perimeter D, so no easy baskets and PLEASE knock JJ on his ass if he dares come in there.

  • Sexyscottish

    If the refs call game 2 like they called game one, we will win by double digits. If they call a bunch of ticky tack garbage, which could happen because Bill Kennedy is reffing, then Orlando has an advantage because that means our bigs won’t be allowed to defend Howard at all.

  • Rodger

    bill kennedys refing were in trouble

  • DRJ

    Paul lost the ball twice already, Perk once. Don’t these guys watch tape? Don’t they realize that Perk is an IDIOT on offense and Paul CANNOT dribble anymore??

  • rondo….. holy shit that’s SCARY… he better be ok

  • rodger

    Love rondo but he’s gonna wind up like bird diving on the floor all the time still gotta love his energy.

  • rodger

    2nd bad call by kennedey

  • SydneyCeltic

    Stuck at stupid work while my other half is lounging about the house watching the game on ESPN. Sucks to be me. Ugh.
    Damnit, this NBA play-by-play is so not enough.

  • DRJ

    Too many stupid mistakes….

  • JJ red dick i hate that guy…
    please if we are gonna get beat let any one else beat us but him
    why do we even have trouble with him? i dont get it

  • DRJ

    Cs got what they deserved. Give the Magic FIVE shots on one possession… they’re gonna score. wtf

  • InNate

    Gortat is far better than howard

  • hey DRJ shouldn’t howard should get a flagarant 2 ?!?!?! he basically whacked him on the face and all the way he was down. will he be suspended?

  • DRJ

    You know, Howard may be a child, but he’s a dangerous child. Shoulda been a Flagrant-2

  • DRJ

    He could be suspended, yes… if they upgrade it to a 2, he will

  • CoachBombay

    A wind up and a swing at a players head. Isn’t that the definition of a flagrant 2?

  • so he won’t suspended?
    gosh this game is frustrating… redick just took another charge

  • yeah that should probably be reviewed… real close to a 2 right there

  • I hope Paul can keep it up in the 2nd half…

  • DRJ

    KG misses both FTs. Ughhhh

  • DRJ

    If they review it and make it a 2, they will usually suspend 1 game. Dunno if they’re willing to do that in the playoffs…. but they should.

  • DRJ

    Hey… KG and Ray are both 1-5. Wow

  • Josh

    can only improve in the 2nd half

  • Here’s the video of the Howard cheap shot:

  • rodger

    wow how bout the ref throwing the ball at the fan and then having him thrown out.

  • DRJ

    Howdya like that timeout… just as they were losing all their energy… Doc’s been brilliant in these playoffs

  • DRJ

    Doc should put an energy guy in now. The boys look exhausted

  • We need to put the pressure on at the start of the fourth to close this thing out. We cannot afford another collapse especially on the road. This win would be huge as the magic would be completely demoralized.

  • bostonfanatheart

    big shot by rondo at the end there.

  • DRJ

    Magic should be winning this game easily… it’s their 2nd at home, with the huge threat of going down 0-2. And yet, look at how close it is. Celtics are the better team. And Magic know it. Can’t see them winning this series anymore, regardless of what happens today.

  • rodger

    So far worst ref game yet terrible officiating refs totaly lost control of game nothing but free throws this whole crew should be banned from the rest of the playoffs.

  • bostonfanatheart

    we have played well enough to win this game, we shouldnt let it slip away. time to regroup with this timeout and make one last push to take this game.

  • DRJ

    Celtics are blowing this game. They’re the better team, but they don’t deserve to win this game

  • DRJ

    Ray is shooting 17%. 0% from 3. KG almost as bad. They’re screwing this one up.

  • couldn’t agree more…
    especially teh fourth quarter. the foul on perk thats a freaking five points swing cuz ray nailed the three. If we lose this one its on the refs

  • DRJ

    Unreal. Unreal. Words cannot express……………

  • mikey


  • mikey


  • Where is Greg?

  • thebleeptruth

    Great game! I hate to say it but a few calls were in our favor. But still it was mostly Boston ahead anyway if not for the meltdown. I’d say the crucial error on Doc’s part was taking Pierce out when he had his 4th foul early in the fourth quarter and bringing in TA. That resulted in the Magic’s steady comeback. Nice choke by Vince Carter on the freethrow line. Fascinating scene: Coming off a timeout, with Magic up 1 with more than 3 mins left in the game, Dwight is giggling and laughing with someone in courtside. And Rashard had to call his attention. What a way to stay focused on a close playoff game, Dwight. LOL!

  • thebleeptruth

    If boston lost this game, it would have been a heartbreaker and probably a momentum shift. But with this victory, we at least are assured that the Magic are losing their confidence now.