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Your Morning Dump… Where defense makes you look rusty

Perk defends howard

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“No, I don’t think it had anything to do with [the layoff],” Orlando coach Stan
Van Gundy said. “I think it had more to do with their defense. I’m not
going to take that as an excuse. Their defense was really good.”

Herald: Celtics D does trick vs. Magic  

Perkins on defending Howard: "I just thought we played team defense the
whole game," said Perkins. "Guys were helping each other. We made it
tough on [Howard]. It is going to be a physical series. We are going to
play physical and we know [Howard] is a physical guy, but we tried to
play him hard and make it tough for him."

ESPN Boston: Postgame notes: Pierce picks his spots

What do people think Orlando did during their layoff?  They didn't sit around.  They practiced.  They shot the ball.  They probably shot it a lot.

But that's not going to stop people from saying the team was rusty. 

What they're not seeing is WHY Orlando shot so poorly.  It starts inside where Perk, Sheed and Baby all teamed up to frustrate Dwight Howard.  But they did it all by playing him straight up.  You didn't see the typical Orlando ball movement, where the ball goes inside-out… and then around the perimeter until they find a hole in the rotations for an open 3 because the interior defense allowed the perimeter guys to contest everything.

The Celtics, if I'm not mistaken, doubled Dwight Howard exactly ONE time.  It was a terrible decision by Rajon Rondo that allowed Dwight to kick it to a wide open Jason Williams who drilled a 3.  THAT play highlights the difference between the ability to play Dwight straight up vs. guys coming in to double.

Orlando also shot themselves in the foot by shooting the 3 less than 10 seconds into the shot clock, which didn't allow for anyone to get set underneath, which allowed the Celtics to go LONG stretches keeping Orlando to a 1-and-done.  That happens when you're frustrating guys and not letting them get the shots they're comfortable with.

You know what they say about defense.  It wins you….. something or other.

On Page 2: Ray Allen got intimate with the rim

Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

The NBA’s second most prolific 3-point shooter of all time, Allen took
what the defense gave him in the first quarter, pacing all scorers with 8
points without attempting a three. His two field goals and four free
throws in the quarter came on a variety of drives and pull-up jumpers,
and for most of Game 1 Allen torched the Magic on something other than
his bread-and-butter outside shooting.

“It was just the plays that I had,’’ said Allen. “I knew that they were
trying to force me away from my shot. Just watching the film all week,
they were playing me so high over the top that when I go to the basket I
have to keep my head up and look for the ball. I got my shot blocked
two or three times. But for the most part, when the shot is not there I
need to drive it.’’

Globe: A driving exhibition by Allen

Ray Allen was the oldest guy on the floor and he got to the rim any time he wanted.  ANY TIME HE WANTED.  It was embarrassing for the Magic.

And it just goes to show one thing: When they're playing their best, the C's have too many weapons.  Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett were kept in check, so Ray and Paul went off.  And Ray is so smart that he's not going to force his game.  They're trying to take away your shot?  Then you drive to the hole.

And I don't know if Orlando was just confused or slow… but they never stepped up to stop him.

They'll adjust.  And so will Ray.  And maybe Rajon will find some holes. Or maybe Paul will take on more of the scoring burden.  Or maybe Garnett will find some spots. 

If the C's are playing their best… they're all legit options.

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  • Caterpillar from Italy

    C’s are making me proud.
    I was one of the many not giving chances to our guys before the playoffs, but I was wrong and I’m happy I was. We sent home Wade and LeQueen, and with Superman It’s gonna be even tougher; but if Rajon and the ArgoCelts keep the momentum, nothing is impossible.
    Let’s keep on living it day by day, because this way every win tastes better and stronger, and that’s the best part of it!
    Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Adrenaline

    After watching last night’s performance, I’ll take Boston in 4 or 5.

  • Word. We are all proud of our team.
    Few things we need to do better in game 2. KG did an awesome job on Rashard Lewis, who only had 6 points. It’ll be better if KG can limit lewis AND be a better contributor offensively.
    The couple of times Nelson went off for three, Howard set a hard screen on Rondo allowing Nelson open looks. We need to limit that. Rondo is due for a big offensive game in game 2.
    JJ Reddick… last year in the playoffs he played superb defense on ray allen, making him non existent until game 7. He took three charges in this game alone. We’ve got to do a better job offensively as not to give away easy charge calls. And it annoys that we almost got torched by Reddick out of everyone.
    Overall C’s brought their A- game. Better offense and putting the foot on the gas in the fourth, Orlando has no chance. Can’t wait for game 2. oh a shout out to Sheed sorry for doubting you in the regular season.

  • Greg

    It had nothing to do with the C’s defense. We just had way too much time off and it showed. How else would we fall down by 20 to an average Celtic team? C’mon dude, find a better quote…like this one:
    “It’s tough any time you have to sit around,’’ Allen said. “Especially at this time of year when you know you have a pretty good formula for how you have been playing basketball and everybody has a great rhythm.’’
    So don’t take my word for it, your boys know what’s comin. They took the one game they had the best chance to win. Congrats. Magic in 5.

  • PeaceSignMoose

    So you’re going to trust Ray Allen’s assessment of why the Magic struggled over Stan Van Gundy’s?
    That doesn’t make ANY sense.

  • Can I quote you on that too? I’m sort of a collector.

  • Greg

    You bet.

  • Not sure which threes you’re talking about. Nelson hit one straight up on a mismatch (with KG? playing off him) the other was a soft screen where Rondo went under the screen instead of fighting over it.
    For the series the guys have to keep switching or fighting their way over the screens. I’ll take 10 straight points in the lane over 2-3 straight threes for those long range bastards.

  • Great…
    So we’ve got Greg quoted at Magic in 4 and Magic in 5.
    This is so exciting. If I can get Magic in 6 and Magic in 7, I can finish off my set.

  • Sorry but didn’t your team go down by 12+ two or three times in this game? If you want to try to sell the rusty thing for the first time, I’ll buy. But once you found your rhythm and made the first run, what then? Did the rust creep back in? If that’s the case, you’ll need 12 “earl-cens” (that’s oil cans) for your poor tin men. Or are they cowardly lions? Straw men? Girls in sparkly shoes?
    Sorry guys, I have four daughters.

  • Venus

    The rust excuse is BS. No one was talking rust when ATL was being given the pimp hand to start the 2nd round.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    There is no “rust” that factored in to yesterdays performance. The Celtics are the only team in the league with the ability to play Dwight Howard straight up so those 3s become a lot harder to hit with a hand in your face. It’s so simple.
    The only thing the magic found was working for them was driving the ball rather than posting up or pick and roll. Once they started driving the ball rather than sitting around the 3 pt line the whole game like a bunch of morons they started showing signs.
    Now that Hedo is gone from this team they have NOBODY who can create shots for other people. THey have 3 point shooters and a big goofy over rated center… Hedo could make plays for other people, they don’t really have anyone who wants to do that now. Which is why Jameer Nelson their PG is a joke.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Rust my ass. They were lucky to get close at the end. Vince Carter had his one good game of the series, congrats on that.
    Magic in 5? That’s hilarious. I hope the tragic Magic are thinking the same way.
    Plenty of room for the C’s to improve in game 2.
    You ladies in Orlando should get out of the sun for afew minutes before you post on here. And by the way, your city is a boring piece of humid crap with no personality to anyone between the ages of 12 and 65.

  • jared


  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Rust = elbow….

  • DRJ

    You are absolutely correct in saying that the Cs doubled Howard exactly ONE time (coming out of a timeout) — and that exception proved the rule, because Howard immediately kicked it out and they got 3 points out of it. Doc mentioned that play in his post-game interview – and added that it was NOT called. It just happened, he said. But it’s good that it happened, and only once, because it really underlined how correct the Cs’ strategy is.
    It also looked to me like the Cs had decided in advance that if the Magic stop Rondo’s drives, Ray would take over… because, they figured, the Magic are going to defend hard against the Ray jumper, but will NOT be ready for his repeated driving… and that’s exactly how it turned out.
    Cs are just smarter than everybody else. So far.
    Add to all that the fact that the Cs are CONTINUING the strategy that started in Cavs game 2 — that of fouling early and hard to prevent all easy buckets. One of the benefits of doing that is that they are controlling the refs’ foul calls. You probably noticed that the refs are allowing them to play HARD on D. The reason for that is probably because of the Cs’ strategy — which, if you recall, consists of SETTING THE TONE early in the game regarding fouls (hard fouls count), so that the refs never get a chance to start their (ridiculous) ticky-tack calls.
    Could they really be this smart? Uhh…. yeah, they could.

  • SydneyCeltic

    Call it rust or being outplayed or someone’s elbow being busted. What it comes down to is that the C’s won. And we’re hoping they do it again and again and again. Looking forward to seeing this one play out for myself.
    Go C’s!

  • Rush

    can you also get the bonus pack that includes pics for each of the magic in 4, 5, 6 and 7 with the red “FAIL” stamps?
    appreciaite it.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Greg reminds me of that jackass from two years ago who kept on talking about five,six and seven game sweeps.
    Your wrong Greg and save the boasting until Orlando actually beats the C’s…