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Should we add Tony Allen to the banner?

Tony allen dunk

At the beginning of the season, we decided to create a new banner for Red's Army.  It was a fun thing to do and include all of the guys on the team somehow.

Well, all but one.

I left Tony Allen out.  I honestly never expected him to become a contributor on this team.  But obviously, he's not only contributing, he's a key player.

And yes, we've heard the calls for Tony to be added to the banner.  Honestly, I'm not opposed to that.  But while I don't believe in jinxes, I don't want to take any chances with TA.  The slightest disturbance in the force could tip the balance of his fragile psyche.  As my buddy Ken said:  Tony's got a million dollar body and a 10 cent head. 

So I will throw the question out to the masses.  Should we add Tony Allen to the banner now… or wait until the end of the season?

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  • Boston Man

    I want him on the banner when the season ends no matter the outcome. I dont want him on it now…

  • michael

    Dude, this should have been done a month ago. Ask Pino to wave some smoking sage around the computer and replace Eddie with TA. And don’t forget to have the tiramisu. Delicious!

  • Joe Vegas

    Seriously?!? Scal is on the banner. I voted no (due to the jinx potential), but TA should obviously be on the banner.

  • Joe Vegas

    And another thing. Eddie House is still on the banner. There’s a spot for TA.

  • Jared

    If Scal is on there than TA has to be

  • Jared

    Eddie is in grey cause he’s not on the team anymore. He’s still part of the 09-10 squad though. Getting Tony his spot ASAP

  • LOL.. it was delicious

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Don’t freaking jinx it. If the the C’s win the banner, then put him on it. Remember the story of TA, just when you think he has it together he implodes. I choose to keep doubting him and will gladly eat the crow if he proves me wrong.

  • brain dead

    well, now that you mention the jinx… i dont want anything to do with it. let’s ride grey eddie house and scal the rest of the way. TA will get his spot after the parade.

  • KG’s friend

    We have Nate on there and he hasn’t even been on the team since this year. TA has been here for years. Why not?

  • CFH

    Well, both.
    Yes, he’s been excellent and more than earned a place.
    But, while the banner on this site PROBABLY doesn’t affect the outcome of the games… you don’t want it on your head if it somehow triggers a butterfly effect and brings Bad Tony out.
    However, a new banner in mid-June that includes Tony holding up a certain trophy… that I could get behind.

  • Gil

    you put Shelden Williams on there and not T.A. come on now

  • believe it or not TA used to be one of my favs celtics before and during that horrendous worst celtic season…after Eric williams left hes been one of the only gd slashers to the hoop weve had (pierce was great slasher in his rookie season)…but TA is like an ex-girlfriend you cant set ure hopes up high even for a late nite booty call in other words..WE LOVE whats hes doing now but if messes up WE CANT SET HIGH HOPES on him….for now I love it and it couldnt have come at a better time..can he ever return to that 06 form he once was???perhaps..if he does let the start of the transformation begin now

  • Should he have been? Yes, definitely. The question now is whether we tempt the gods. Why? I would ask? He’s been playing well, what do we have to gain?
    He’s playing his tail off, no question. He’s contributing huge, no question. Do we try to fix it if it ain’t ‘broke’?

  • Joe Vegas

    Let’s get Tony Gaffney a spot. He’s just as deserving as Scal. Wear a suit. Cheer from the bench. Appear awkward. Get spot on banner.

  • jared

    Bit of a loaded question, what with the jinx part and all, no?


    I say yes – dude deserves it – jinxes schminxes!
    Also MY WIFE IS HAVING A BABY TODAY. Any suggestions for names?? Dunno the sex, Garnett is out, and Kevin and Kendrick….
    Will share the news when I get back…
    Anyway it’s a yes from me!

  • Orb

    Congrats man. At least the middle name should be RONDOOOO. Spelled just like that.

  • mollysdaddy

    I know we’re a Boston franchise and Old Boston is superstitious and all, but you folks are serious about jinxing the team here? Do any of you really think a picture is going to diminish the team’s skill, heart or mindset? Or is it you think Tony’s picture will upset Dwight’s elbow enough to make it lash out on it’s own into Rondo’s face?
    Put the god damned picture up and support a major contributor to our favorite team!!!!!

  • DRJ

    I don’t know. I’m torn. On the one hand, we all KNOW the jinx thing is ridiculous superstition. On the other hand… as CFH said, there is that butterfly effect. You never know… anything, for sure. (Except that you can’t know anything for sure.)
    I can’t vote. But my inclination is to leave it alone. Cliches apply: ‘Don’t fix if it ain’t broke’, ‘leave well enough alone’, ‘let sleeping dogs lie’, ‘Murphy’s law’, ‘always drink upstream from the herd’…..uh, ok, fuhgetaboutit…..

  • I voted “no” just because I follow every superstition known to man with sports, especially when I played baseball, but he def deserves to be up there, he is emerging as the LEADER of the bench. Who would have thunk it???

  • Ok ok ok ok, how about a silhouetted place holder?

  • TA

    I think its a jinx not to put him on, how many more highlight reels do we need? i don’t believe in jinx’s when you are supporting your team.
    ‘trick or treat tony’ has earned his spot.

  • DRJ

    Good idea. A placeholder. Sign of respect, but no butterfly wings. (I think)

  • celtified

    ok i’m a little bit superstitious so i vote “no” for now but you be damn sure to hoist his image up there after banner #18 . keep Tony humble and hungry for now please.

  • For 3 and the Game

    After all the Tony Allen hating this site has put out, you still manage to insult the man when admitting you were wrong “Tony’s got a million dollar body and a 10 cent head.” Come on man! Show some respect.

  • DRJ

    I think they’re kidding around. Mostly. TA is dearly loved around here these days. But… you know… a genius he is not.