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Dwight’s a child, the Celtics are men

Doc funk pierce

I'm sort of borrowing from everywhere on this post.  The picture is from the always hilarious Doc Funk.  And the concept comes from Marcel Mutoni, who tweeted this during the game:

Dwight is childish. Boston are a bunch of old,
angry men. #youdothemath

Dwight's halftime interview of himself is an example of his mentality.  The fact that he agreed to even do it is a signal that he's still just a big kid.  But the most damning evidence of his mentality was his reaction to the adversity on the court… especially when he played Rasheed Wallace. 

Sheed got into his head and stayed there.  Perk had already frustrated Dwight with his defense.  Sheed just finished him off.

It's starting to get easier to understand why Dwight gets so many techs.  He needs to grow up and play a man's game if he's going to hang with these Celtics.  It's possible he can figure out how to do that in this series… but it's not very likely. 

If he lets the C's live between his ears for the next few games… he'll have plenty of time to think about it while hanging out with LeBron on the first tee.

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  • NineSevenEight

    And I thought the Celtics complained. Dwight was crying up and down the court. My favorite was when JVG ripped him after he went to the refs saying that Rasheed pulled him and forced him into a turnover, which clearly did not happen after the replay was shown. Spot blown.

  • DRJ

    He’s a nice kid too. I’m gonna feel real sorry for him after his team is eliminated. Yep, I might even send him flowers… or a Superman doll… the one that pees on you when you pull its cape.


    When you sit in your own house and are embarrased wacthing TV it is bad

  • Nickels

    When Sheed pulled the chair out from under him right? That was funny.