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Doc: Stick to the game plan

"We double-teamed three times and they scored all three times, when we
were not supposed to double team," said Rivers. "Then dribble
penetration. Jameer killed us off the dribble. We have to do a better
job there."

ESPN Boston: Practice report: Keep it going

Seems pretty simple, really.  Get your heads out of your asses and stick to the game plan.  Don't forget where you are.  Don't double.  Perk's got it handled down there.

Seems like a pretty straightforward, slow day.  But KG was in a chipper mood.

"A lot of stuff motivates us, but I watch a lot of Family Guy, so I
don't really watch your programs," said Garnett. "I don't really hear
what you guys say. But, at some point, it gets back to the group. It can
motivate us. But it's what's in front us — we had Miami to beat, we
had Cleveland to beat — those are all motivational subjects. Orlando is
no different. Both these teams are very good, that's enough motivation.
We saw the way Orlando was lighting people up in the playoffs against
Charlotte and Atlanta, that motivated us more [than the pundits]."

I like this KG.

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  • Jason

    It’s amazing to think the Cs could essentially end the series in two games, but that’s what’s at stake. Go up 2-0 with two games at home and it’s basically over. Go home 1-1 and they have to sweat potentially giving home court back to Orlando like they did against the Cavs. Stealing one game is nice, but stealing two would put a stranglehold on the series. Cs need to not let up, in fact, bring it stronger. Treat every game as if it’s Game 7, cruise into the Finals.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    I wonder which Family Guy character is KG’s favorite….

  • jared

    Absolutely. A game 2 win would be mega huge. I like Docs plan, too. Shore those things up, that eliminates most of the glaring errors from last game. Execute the plan, win the game, control the series.
    My main concern will be how well we handle the perimeter screens and fight to challenge Orlandos three point shooters, who I expect to make more of their open threes when they get them (which hopefully wont be nearly as often as they would like)

  • Shawn-cvd

    It’s gotta be Joe Swanson right? The guy acts like KG…

  • DRJ

    Yep. Their 3-pt shooters = the scariest thing about that team… actually, they’re the ONLY scary thing about the Magic. Because Howard… seems to me he’s a piece of cake for us. Pretty overrated… particularly on offense.
    And then you look at the Cs, and you see 4 or 5 scary guys (at least), any one of whom could explode on you at any time. And stifling defense.
    Totally agree with both of you… win game 2, and it’s over.
    Can’t wait to be able to start talking about the Lakers :))) (One step at a time……)

  • DRJ

    Btw… I only remember one time they doubled on Howard. When he passed it out and they hit a 3. Were there really 2 more? Anybody know when?

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