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Putting The Finishing Touches On Cleveland

Tomorrow afternoon will mark the beginning of the Eastern Conference Finals matchup between the Celtics and Magic.  Before we all take a trip through Disney World, let’s appreciate some of the final moments of finishing off the Cavs’ season.  Below are a handful of video highlights that stood out in Game 6.

It’s safe to say that Celtics coach Doc Rivers has been discussed amongst Celtics fans quite a bit since his tenure began.  He’s been through pretty much everything as a coach and as we learn more and more about the chemistry issues this year’s team has had, his work becomes more and more impressive.  During games that are broadcasted on either ESPN or ABC, they will randomly give viewers a relatively tame “insider’s feel” with a segment called “Wired.”  It’s usually just a quick clip of the coach mic’ed up, giving instructions to his team.

While this clip below doesn’t emulate the Gene Hackman speech from Hoosiers, it was simple, emphatic and proved the be VERY effective.  The Celtics were holding on to a comfortable lead and the Cavs were primed to make one last final run to salvage their season.  Here’s what Doc had to say:

 Again, simple but perfectly stated for that particular point in the game.  Doc’s emphatic decree to his army of green soldiers led to the sequence below:

While there was still ample time left for the Cavs to make a run, the Cavs were done at this point for all intents and purposes.  Finally, the fans were able to unleash the chant heard around the NBA world while LeBron was at the free throw line.  He did sink both, but it was still some impressive work by the most impressive crowd since the 2008 NBA Finals.

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  • Damn is that guy by the kid in yankee’s hat wearing a LAKERS SHIRT!
    what the heck, he went to a celtics game in a LAKERS shirt even though the lakers not playing. what an asshole

  • josh

    on the back of the shirt it said ‘go Celitcs’
    he was on the jumbotron getting boo’s and then turned around to revail the go c’s.

  • the now famous New York Knicks Chant was actually the handiwork of the sports guy (Bill Simmons) via a twitter page called celticschants. He talked about it in the article he wrote after game 5
    check it out

  • whooops wrong article up there, still a good one though
    heres the one where he talks about the chants account as well as hands out some funny/revealing second round awards

  • mikey

    Best 30 seconds of Celtics basketball this year.
    What a huge 3 by Sheed, and then monster jam by KG.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Best 30 seconds of the year SO FAR.