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Your Morning Dump… He’s back!


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While Rondo stole most of the headlines against Cleveland
— and deservedly so — everything began with Garnett. He spent the first
five games dominating Jamison in the post, and opening things up for
his teammates. When he wasn’t scoring from the block, he was passing and
creating easy baskets. He had his share of difficulties defending
Jamison on the perimeter, but his presence within the team defense that
stifled LeBron James for 23 of 24 quarters was irreplaceable.

He finished the night with 22 points, 12 rebounds and
played 37 minutes. It was only the third time all season he played
37-plus in a game — all of those have come in the playoffs — and Garnett
only seemed to get stronger as the game went on. His major offensive
contribution had come in the opening quarter, but his work on D, and on
both the offensive and defensive boards, were crucial down the stretch,
as the Cavs made one last futile attempt to save their season.

CSNNE – Garnett's Return to Glory

KG was spectacular in this series. He was a force inside and outside, on offense and defense.

Thankfully, the regular season is history, along with those painful images of Garnett dragging around his leg.

KG will have his hands full vs Orlando. He'll have to chase Rashard Lewis around the perimeter, as well as play help defense on Dwight Howard.

Anyone who doesn't think the Celtics have a chance in this series is a fool.

Game 1 is Sunday at 3:30pm. Here's the rest of the schedule. The Cs are putting tickets on sale for games 3, 4 and 6 at Noon today.

On Page 2, Sheed didn't come here for the regular season.

The bar is set so low for Rasheed Wallace, that I jumped off the couch last night whenever he grabbed a rebound or came up with a loose ball. The offense is gravy. If Sheed makes plays consistently on the defensive end of the court, the Celtics will be really tough to beat.

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  • It could say “May” and it would still refer to the Cavs.
    Anyways, great win, great series, now lets move on to looking at the future and not give those importers any more attention.
    Orlando is going to be tough, or they could be a cakewalk depending on how their shots fall. Completely different team. Going to be interesting. Although the Celtics are peaking and the Magic could be rusty…

  • The Truth is Here

    This was fantastic game to watch. So nice to see the celticss win big games in the playoffs and look like a legit contender. KG was HUGE this series, his ability to facilitate from the paint on the offensive end, and his defensive fire is back.
    That being said, Orlando is going to be a reallllll tough matchup, especially the way they are playing.
    Shout out to J-boog

  • Middle Finger Extended

    K.G is near 100%… during yesterday’s game he cut off leBron’s penetration from the baseline and forced a turnover what’s so special about that is it was basically the play rashard lewis beat him on

  • Someone needs to get that Flyers cap off Sheed’s head.

  • KG is just on top of his game. What stands out most isn’t the heroics, it’s the ‘right thing at the right time’. Whether he’s setting the pick, passing, or jumping it just always seemed like he was doing exactly what we needed at that moment.
    Big game ball for the Big ticket

  • Athanacropolis

    Nice Flyers cap asshole, hahahah! I love this guy (sometimes).

  • Aterry

    Watched the game with a knowledgeable Cavs fan last night. Kind of sucked at the end when all I wanted to do was jump around and be obnoxious but he just looked so crushed I couldn’t.
    Anyway something interesting I was hoping you guys could find out more about…my buddy went to games 1+2 in Cleveland and had great seats behind the C’s bench and said that Scal’s role is to handle the rotations when players get into foul trouble. He said every time someone picked up early fouls Doc wouldn’t even look down the bench, it would be Scal that would get up, go tap TA or Baby on the shoulder and get ’em in.
    What kind of bizarro world is this? Maybe the Cavs should hire him

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    Sheed is just representing his home team.

  • CFH

    The Flyers cap would be obnoxious if Sheed wasn’t from Philly… but he is. So I’m cool with it.

  • DRJ

    They will not be rusty (per Hawks experience).

  • Orb

    That’s interesting. I did see Doc look to him once in game 5 to ask how many fouls someone had, seemed strange then. Maybe Scal will get the nod over Thibs when Doc leaves? He could be the first player-coach in 30 years!

  • DRJ

    Interesting tidbit about Scal. (Won’t find THAT little bit of info anywhere else.) If true – and it sounds plausible – could be that he and Doc have worked out the rotation patterns in advance, and Doc gave him this task so that Doc could keep his eyes on the game. Doc can always change his mind and veto the standard choice.
    Good one.

  • DRJ

    Sheed’s defining quote: “This is why I came here. I didn’t come here for the regular season.”
    Could he be any clearer? lol. what a character.