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Two Experts Have Been Converted

The infamous "ESPN Expert Picks" are back at it again.  After dismissing the Cavs in 6 games, it's always fun to go back and review what said experts had to say.  John reveals what the final hit list looks like today.  It appears that the Celtics undressing of King James and his peasants have converted just two of the experts to believe in the Celtic way of life.  Check out the updated graphic below for the predictions against the red hot Orlando Magic.  Let's see if this gets updated in a similar fashion once the Eastern Conference Finals have been completed.


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  • I’m happy/surprised to see that none of our beloved “experts” have the magic sweeping this one too, although those magic in 5 are just as bad

  • JD

    Abbots a dick after picking that sweep, I’ll never trust him again. Broussard sounds like an idiot sometimes and a LeBron ballwasher, but I’ll give him props for picking the Celtics here. And I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Tim Legler after he was the only one to choose the Celtics over the Lakeshow back in 2008

  • BigMck

    I think Adande picked the Heat in 5 for the first round.

  • JD

    Oh and Hollinger is a math whiz, but it seems like he doesn’t know anything about basketball. In one ESPN article, he blasted the Cavs for giving up 120 points to Boston, who he said was not even a good offensive team. How can you say that about a team with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Rajon ROndo? Thats just stupid. And now he’s picking the Magic in 5? Yeah, Hollinger, you can do my math homework, but I’m not making any basketball opinions based on your analysis.

  • Greg

    Add mine to the list…Magic in 4.

  • Celtics in 4 or 6. I know a sweep is highly unlikely, but come on the Celts only got beat in one game by Cleveland. Shoulda had game one, but there was no team in the league who was going to beat that game three Cavs team. So it’s possible for the Celtics to not lose another game, IF they play their game with the intensity they should.
    “The only team that can beat us, is us.”

  • Double P Reppin the B

    No way we sweep the Magic. No way the Magic beat us in 5. It’s gonna be Celtics in 6 again IMO. We’ll steal one on their floor then they will take one on our floor and play out exactly like this series with the cavs did. We close out winning game 5 in their building and pushing thru to the finals at home Game 6 in BOSTON

  • Nick

    WOW I HATE JOHN HOLLINGER THAT FUCKING GEEK, WHAT A PUSSY. HE JUST HATES THE C’S. I get picking the cavs but he’s just a fucking retard. He picked the heat to push us to 7..He picks Utah all the time to challenge L.A when they never do, he’s just a simple prick, and thats the bottom line. Also, if you think Orlando or Cleveland can beat us, O.k i strongly disagree with that, but o.k. BUTTTT….When u pick these teams to beat us in 5 games you come off like a straight fucking retard. I mean seriously. theres no way we are losing to these fags with K.G healthy. Lets see how that fat outa shape overrated wana be Jameer Nelson does against a real PG. Because Felton and Bibby are essentially roadkill. Rondo is gona light this kid up BADD. I also wana see how V.C holds up against two guys who have had much better careers than him who never get voted into All-Star games or get the respect he does. We are gona bury these pussies and their gay uniforms. The one thing I ask is to watch out for Matt Barnes and Michael Pietrus those 2 guys are fucking awesome. especially Barnes!!!

  • Rush

    why bother…they already have enough morons picking the wrong team.
    another EPIC FAIL coming up.

  • Rush

    ha ha. after that big egg in the EC semis, abbott’s really playing it safe. this time, he only gets a “WRONG”.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Legler is one of the few experts I can get behind. I’m not surprised he’s backing the Celts here. Celts in 6.

  • DRJ

    I LOVE this. Whew… relieved to see mostly Magic logos.
    Don’t forget — the Cs hang these posters in their locker room!!! Or they should, anyway 🙂

  • ben

    i agree with double p reppin the b. The matchups in this series are a lot more difficult for both teams but I like the big men we can throw at d howard. perk is a huge factor in this series. if he plays smart and out of foul trouble, it could be the key. Rajon will most likely destroy jameer, although i really like nelsons game. He just wont have an answer for rondo defensively and its gonna be an ugly scene in o-town. rashard wont be able to stop kg down low but is more of a perimeter threat than jamison, much more. Pierce and vince will be easy for paul to own if he stays out of foul trouble. ray allen is EASILY going to eat JJ redicks lunch and could end up being our leading scorer, if not rondo. I can’t wait to get going on this series. Celts in 6! LEGLER FTW!

  • Greg picked the Cavs in 4 as well. Some people just love getting kicked repeatedly in the nads.

  • Legler was the only one to pick the celtics in to win in 2008

  • Rush

    Count, either he doesn’t feel the kick or enjoys them (in a disgusting way).


    Quality!! 😉


    COmpletely agree. I think we win one of the first 2, most likely game 1. They’ll have a game or 2 where their 3 pt shooters get them wins – they can all shoot it…
    Down in clutch time – who takes shots for Orlando – No Hedo this year….

  • ShawnCVD

    I think Matt Barnes starts at SF so Vince will face Ray and Barnes on Truth.

  • Sal

    God bless you all. I lost all sense of objectivity two series ago. Celtics in 4? Sure.

  • jared

    Celtics in 6, everyone sleeps on us and I love it. Sleep on the Celtics you morons, get burned.

  • thebleeptruth

    Celtics in 6!
    Can’t wait to see what the Yahoo! experts have to say again.
    Their predictions in the semis were awful let alone their comments:;_ylt=AiKItbKPOv3BnX4HdPH72828vLYF


    Agreed, Wojnaroski is a Kobe nuthugger who hates the C’s and Lebron – u should check his archive! I’m also looking forward to him writing us off again and probably picking the LAkers in 5….

  • Lee in Oregon

    Legler gets it.
    C’s in 7. This is gonna be alot tougher than Cleveland. If Rondo stays in front of Nelson, and KG can stay with Lewis, they should be able to win.

  • mikey

    Hollinger’s basketball analysis is worthless.
    This dude said Celtics were a clear 3rd behind Magic & Cavs going into this season.

  • mikey

    Gotta give props to Kenny the Jet, though he was really backing us, he just didn’t want to be the only one to say Celtics win.
    He knew the Celtics were going to win.
    Kenny is the real deal, he doesn’t front like these espn wackjobs.

  • mikey

    My predictions.
    Celtics in 1.
    NBA finals predictions.
    Celtics in 1.