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TA destroys Antawn Jamison

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  • RAS

    I can’t get enough of this vid

  • Jason

    Agreed. I was hoping you would post it. I went looking for it myself on youtube and have watched it a few times. Just sick. Only wish there were more angles to it.
    I also find it interesting that TA usually doesn’t do huge outward celebrations after these plays but instead has this kinda-weird-kid-content-in-his-own-world-eating-paste look on his face like “ha ha, that was fun, moving on” and also somehow almost always seems to have the ball tangled up around his feet. Kind of weird. Kind of cool.

  • Somehow this didn’t even make it onto SportsCenter this morning. Inexcusable

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    I believe it was #1 in the top 10 plays of the day on SC this morning.

  • john doh

    Get him on the frickin’ banner already!

  • Jason

    No you can’t do it now!

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    The final reminder (after Garnett schooled him for 6 games) that Jamison was not good enough to get them over the hump

  • KY Celts fan

    Garnett was the one who schooled Jamison all series, but this play epitomizes Jamison’s performance in its entirety.

  • Haha good, good. Admittedly I’m a late sleeper, so when I woke up at 10 they were in straight LeBron mode, not even a sign of the TA dunk in the game highlights. But that’s good to hear

  • zippittyay


  • TA

    its bad luck to post videos of people you dont even include in your own banner. Eddie House still, really? If you guys need some photoshop help just ask. Time to embrace trick or treat tony.

  • mikey

    sportscenter is a waste.

  • mikey