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Red's Army Player of the Series: Rajon Rondo


Series averages:

20.7 ppg,
11.8 apg, 6.3 rpg. 1.8 spg

Series percentages:

54.1%,  3pt: 33.3%  FT: 65.9%

Series highs:

29  (Game 4)
Rebounds: 18 (Game 4)
Assists: 19 (Game 2)
5 (Game 6)

We picked Rajon to go off in
this series and he made us look real good by doing just that.  You could
tell right away that he was going to do just about whatever he
wanted in this series with his 27 point, 12 assist Game 1 effort. 

what Rondo did goes beyond the numbers.  Rondo changed the entire
series because Cleveland targeted him as the weak spot in the Celtics
offense and he killed them by not taking them up on their dare to shoot
long jumpers.  Instead, he used that space to either pick the defense
apart with his passing or getting a running start into the lane.   It's
like a baseball team putting the shift on for David Ortiz and him
peppering the green monster for 3 doubles and a home run. 

of a sudden, something the Cavs thought they'd easily have under control
became a huge priority.  They couldn't use Rondo's guy to roam and
double because he'd just kill them with penetration.  And, for good
measure, he was hitting those 10-12 footers.  When you can't double off
Rondo against the Celtics, then you're going to have one hell of a time
beating them.

Rondo didn't just dominate this series, he changed
its entire complexion.  He didn't will his team to wins like a Kobe
Bryant might by just being too good and beating good defense.  He led
his team to wins by destroying every plan the opponent had laid out.  It
was quite impressive to watch.

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Rondo was huge in the first 2 series. But if KG is truly healthy and can keep up this effort, I think he goes off next round and possibly Ray too. Rondo and Perk are going to have their hands full on defense, Paul too. The Cavs were easy, this is going to be a war.

  • Jason

    Uh, those were 15-17 footers … and FTs … and some 3s, too. Not deadly shooting, of course, but serviceable and much improved over the years. (That’s on top of improving his finishing, floaters and odd angles off the backboard). Just one more thing for which the kid deserves major kudos.
    It’s funny, Rondo was the star of the first two series. He faced Chalmers and Mo, but now Nelson. While team’s challenge, after facing Wade and LeBron, reduces, Rondo’s actually increases in the upcoming series. Nelson’s a tougher guard. Nelson’s tougher to beat and Howard lurks. Three extra challenges. Very interested to see him continue to succeed despite this.

  • MikeinNYC

    Nelson is strong and tough so could be a tough match-up but I still like Rondo. He’s a lot more intelligent than given credit for and with that, think he’s going to continue to run the offense to perfection. Think the series depends in part on which Vince Carter shows up. If anything like his past expect him to fold like a piece of origami

  • I didn’t follow his game to game stats. Crazy he had those 18 rebounds but then averaged only 4 the other five games. Not that 4 rebounds out of your point guard is anything to scoff at.

  • MFE

    big mistake… rondo has been good but K.G has been great for the simple fact that everyone gave up on him said he was done, would never be the same again or average 20 nand 10 19.0 points 7.9 boards in six games is pretty close