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Glen Davis Tells It Like It Is

Early in the fourth quarter of Game 6 against the Cavs, the Celtics were beginning their elimination process.  On one particular offensive set, Glen Davis passed up a 15-footer and opted to drive to the basket against Zydrunas Ilgauskas with Mo Williams providing some half-hearted help defense.  Davis badly misses on the attempt which leads to a Cleveland fast break.  Ray Allen makes a smart play and fouls Anthony Parker who would have had an easy lay-up.  Then, well, Davis gets a little R-rated when acknowledging some criticism from the Celtics’ bench (most likely from KG).

Watch the video below to hear Davis critique his own play with such zest:


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    I thought that was intense. Davis absolutely gives it everything. Very hard on himself. Funny thing was as he was facing up to Big Z I was saying ‘go to the hole!’ Even though he didn’t score I love his aggressive play. That play he was battling Vaginajao and got called for a foul – that sums him up – big strong and aggressive…

  • bostonfanatheart

    and clearly still a baby. did you see how garnett was talking with him earlier about a play? davis looked like he was getting ready to cry again.


    I beg to differ – thought he was just listening – hoping to improve…KG is hard on him and he wants to get better….

  • That was one of two scenes that convinced me this team will win it all this year. At that point it was a close game and anyone’s game, but KG was there teaching and being a leader. It was forceful yet I really had the sense he was being generous, looking out for not only the team’s interest but also Baby’s growth.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Anyone Else hear the rumor that Lebron’s Mom is sleeping with Delonte West? and that Lebron found out before game four of our series? Led to him not being focused. Crazy shit I really wonder if it’s true, it’s ALL over the web

  • ShawnCVD

    If that’s true help from another former Celtic…

  • mikey

    that kid is awesome
    Glen “really big” Davis

  • Shawn-cvd

    Glen is the man. The Magic will give him that jumper and he’s now learned not to drive (esp. against Howard). Big Baby one a game in Orlando last year all on his lonesome, why not do it again in game one Big Fella?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Big Baby WON a game in Orlando last year all on his lonesome…

  • mikey

    No, no, no.
    That’s not the story.
    Delonte West IS Lebron James’ mom.
    One big happy family.

  • CFH

    If Delonte did that thing where he threw her off the yacht to the sharks, I can see why LeBron was upset!

  • CFH

    I thought both Baby and KG were great. Baby was both listening and responding verbally (rather than tuning out) both in this clip and in the one where they’re talking on the bench. KG was teaching– implying he thinks Baby’s worth the effort– and look at his hands. One arm around behind Baby’s shoulders, the other hand tapping Baby on the chest… it’s vastly toned down from the crying incident where KG grabbed an obviously not interested Baby by the arm.

  • zippittyay

    BBD just really needs to learn how to lead with his body and not the ball and his production will go up substantially.

  • Spiraea

    I love how Andy is beside Big Baby when he’s yelling at someone at the bench like “O_O Intense!”