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Your Morning Dump… Where LeBron still doesn’t seem to get it

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“I’m the leader and they’re supposed
to follow me,’’ James said. “At the same time, other guys got to be
aggressive, too.’’

history is not on Cleveland’s side.

With James, the Cavaliers are 0-3 in
elimination road playoff games.

lost at Detroit in Game 7 in 2006, at Boston in Game 7 in 2008, and at
Orlando last season in Game 6.

James said Cleveland fans should count on the Cavaliers to force a Game
7 Sunday at Quicken Loans Arena.


“Uh, cause they got me,’’ said the
two-time MVP

…“I’m never disappointed in my play,’’ James said. “I mean, I feel like I
could do more, but I’m not disappointed at all.’’

Globe: James is determined to eliminate doubts

I still feel like this is some kind of big set up… like LeBron is setting us up and he's going to swoop in and rescue his team at the last minute and get everyone kissing his ass again.

But if you listen to Brian Windhorst, Cleveland Plain Dealer Cavs beat writer, who appeared on Mike
& Mike in the Morning… you wonder if that's more of a Cavs fan's pipe dream rather than impending reality.

If they were the team I covered daily for 6 months I would think they have a chance but nothing that has happened in this series has given me any sort of confidence, and that includes LeBron who yesterday was indifferent and dismissive with Barry Melrose's opinion and everyone else's that his performance in game 5 was anything but a bad game.  Anyone who watched him play realized it was maybe one of the worst performances of his professional career, and considering the stakes it probably was.  And for him to brush it off like it was another average game in mid-February makes you wonder what he's got going on up there for tonight

He went on to intimate that JJ Hickson is part of the locker room dissension because he's pissed that he started 70 games and suddenly is barely part of the rotation. 

So I don't know…

Can indifferent LeBron and the splintered Cavs come in and steal Game 6?  Will this galvanize them and wake LeBron up? 

And most importantly, will this matter if the Celtics come out and play hard, play unselfishly, and play consistently for 48 minutes?

On Page 2, 5 is the difference

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

“KG brings that intensity to the game,” Perkins said. “His energy
level is high. Forget his skills, but he demands a great focus and he
demands his teammates to go hard. One thing about KG is he just leads by
example, so guys just have to kind of follow.”

It’s the type of leadership Garnett wasn’t able to provide last year
as a spectator.

When he wasn’t there, we had that leadership from Paul (Pierce) and
Ray (Allen) and (Rajon) Rondo, but it’s a whole different experience
when you have 5 in there,” Glen Davis said. “When 5’s there, he makes
sure everything runs right. If something is lacking, he says something.

“He can carry a team with his actions. Just having him this year is
going to help us a lot.”

Herald: KG's on-court impact huge

What a nice contrast in what leadership really is, huh?

Maybe 23 should take some notes… but not until after the series is over.

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  • greenbeand

    **MISSING PERSON ALERT!**! LeBron Raymone James, Akron, OH Age:25, DOB:12/30/84.
    Reported missing 5/11/10. Last seen being taken to school by Rajon Rondo.

  • Laker Fan

    Although I’m a Laker fan, I feel that us Laker fans and you Celtics fans have a love-hate relationship when it comes to times like this. Right now, my main priority is for the Lakers to win the championship but also I want you guys to kick LeBron’s ass so hard that he doesn’t want to step in Cleveland ever again, turning it back to the city that no one knew about before he arrived.
    Just for this time only, and possible next round too, Go Celtics!

  • DRJ

    At this point, the pressure on Lebron and his teammates is so intense — with the media going totally postal on all of them, most especially LBJ, Mo, and Mike Brown — that I think their hands will shake when they go up for a shot. It’s too much. The media went overboard, as they always do… but that doesn’t even matter… the pressure is too much for them to handle.
    The one exception may be Shaq. Luckily for us, Shaq’s presence in the game is a net positive for us… no matter how many points he scores.
    I realize it’s premature, and that the Cs can still lose, etc. — but I KNOW they’re coming out focused and ready. And the refs (who = the biggest potential danger to the Cs) will know the whole world is watching, and they’ll likely call a fair game. (Hell, they already let 3/4 of the 2nd round end in sweeps!) Add it all up — Cs playing their game, refs fair, Cavs under super-intense pressure, and internal dissention in the Cavs locker room to boot — and I’m comfortable predicting a Celtics win tonight.
    Orlando will be tougher. But the countdown continues…….. 9 more.

  • fantastic

  • DRJ

    Good one 🙂
    So the B in LBJ is not his middle name… what could “B” stand for then?….hmmmm…. lesee… what words start with “B”??

  • Double P Reppin the B

    You gotta respect the man’s confidence. Doesn’t seem like he gets to rattled and I think he might just realize he does not want to be a part of this team and wants it to be over so he can determine where he goes and who he plays with.
    That being said Celtics should have their hands full tonight but I fully expect them to close this one out in the garden. They are gonna be focused and confident and you KNOW the cavs role players, especially now that Lebron called them out, are gonna be so nervous and pressing so hard they are gonna blow it and we will hopefully be able to blow this game wide open. Can it just start already????

  • Rodger

    Don’t get your hopes up about the refs we got rush and delaney and mccutchen.

  • I feel bad we let you guys get a cheap one last year, like you did to us in ’86. Lets try not to let each other down this year – Celtics – Lakers Finals like it should be.

  • Shawn-cvd

    There’s an obvious choice but I’m gonna go with “Bowing-Out”.

  • DRJ

    What, no Bill Kennedy??