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The LeBron James smokescreen

We have heard nothing but "LeBron this…" and "LeBron that…" since about midway through the third quarter of Game 5 when everyone realized he just wasn't going to turn it on. 

And that's fine.  It has been a valid story line.

But it doesn't matter.  At least not to the Celtics.

What LeBron James does tonight matters, of course, because he is still the most talented player on the floor and capable of dominating at any moment.  But to the Celtics, all that matters is coming out and playing the right way.

LeBron can come out hot.  LeBron can score 20 in the first quarter. But the Celtics can withstand that.

They can do it with team defense… forcing the supporting cast to cough it up or miss shots to they can get out on the break.

They can do it with good ball movement on offense… finding the open man and making it impossible to guard just one person straight up.

They can do it with 48 minutes of effort… the kind that has eluded them for much of the season in spots like this.

The Celtics have this series in the palm of their hands.  The Cavaliers are ready to die.  LeBron may come out with a super-human effort, but the rest of that team is ready to quit.  The Celtics need everyone to contribute.  They can't come out trying to throw knockout punches in the first quarter.  No one can come out trying to wear the Superman cape.

The Celtics need to crush the Cavs with a constant wave of defensive and offensive pressure.  They need to wear them down to the point where they just throw their hands up and and turn on each other.   

Let everyone else talk about LeBron.  This game is in the Celtics hands.

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  • Jason

    For your pump-up-ification:
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    When you don’t wanna wake up
    Everything is fucked
    Everybody sucks
    You don’t really know why
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    Rippin’ someone’s head off
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    Your life is on contract
    Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker
    It’s just one of those days!!
    Its all about the he says she says bullshit
    I think you better quit
    Lettin’ shit slip
    Or you’ll be leavin with a fat lip
    Its all about the he says she says bullshit
    I think you better quit talkin that shit
    (Punk, so come and get it)
    Its just one of those days
    Feelin’ like a freight train
    First one to complain
    Leaves with a blood stain
    Damn right I’m a maniac
    You better watch your back
    Cuz I’m fuckin’ up your program
    And if your stuck up
    You just lucked up
    Next in line to get fucked up
    Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker
    Its just one of those days!!
    I feel like shit
    My suggestion is to keep your distance cuz right now im dangerous
    We’ve all felt like shit
    And been treated like shit
    All those motherfuckers that want to step up
    I hope you know I pack a chain saw
    I’ll skin your ass raw
    And if my day keeps goin’ this way I just might break somethin’ tonight…
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    How bout your fuckin’ face
    I hope you know I pack a chain saw, what!!…
    A chain saw, what!!…
    A motherfucking chain saw, what!!…
    So come and get it

  • Right on Red’s! You nailed it..nothing to add to that one but GET THE GARDEN ROCKING!!!!!


    Right on the head there mate. Need a total team effort. Focus on what we’ve gotta do.
    I must put up some props to Doc – he has done a fine job in the later games of this series…
    And by the way – who u got Glen Davis or All defense 2nd teamer Varejao??

  • Shawn-cvd

    Notice how Glen now kicks the ball out after getting an offensive board? Gotta love that!!!
    Verajao is a horrible defender but an energy guy who out hustles most every one. I don’t see how a bench player gets second team of ANYTHING unless of the Ginobli/Terry/Crawford mold.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Watching condensed games on NBATV of games for this series so far. I know the announcers are live and have to say something. I just had to share this gem by Jeff Van Gundy in the fourth quarter of the Game Three Cavs blow out in Boston.
    “To me if Cleveland plays well, they’ll win the game. I mean because they’re starting with a talent advantage and particularly because of LeBron James- So that’s what’s best when your the best team you play well…you win”
    Hey Jeff! This is the second round of the play offs! The wheat has already been separated from the chaff in the first round. Whichever team plays well has a distinct advantage. There is no longer a talent gap considering the five (soon to be four) teams left in this post season.
    Let’s look again at the teams on paper through five games:
    James advantage over PP
    Rondo HUGE advantage over Mo Williams
    Ray Allen BIG advantage over Parker
    KG advantage over Jamison (this was the big question mark going into series)
    Shaq slight advantage over Perk but Shaq being out there plays to the Celtics game plan.
    Boston’s bench has outplayed Cleveland’s bench.
    This ends tonight. Boston will just have to play well and they’ll win.

  • Jason

    If you made a starting 5 out of the starting 10, 1 would be a Cav and 4 would be Celtics. Talent advantage, ha. The “experts” are all distracted by the shiny MVP and deluded that his supporting cast is championship-caliber only because it doesn’t suck to the level it used to. Yeah they have the best player, but the Cs have the next 5 best. Four of the Cavs starters would be on the Cs bench. Geniuses.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Shawn – You can’t listen to Jeff Van Gundy, the guy is a f#cking moron who loves (along with Mark Jackson) to hate on the celtics. And I can assure you if Lebron et al do squeek one out tonight those same dumbf#cks will be talking about how its the greatest comeback in NBA history and anything in a green uniform is old and washed up and should kill themselves because lebitch is just so f#cking special and no one besides kobe deserves to be on the court with him.
    If the Celtics seal the deal (I think they will), those dumbasses will piss and moan about how his elbow is soooooooooo teribly injured and how different it would be if he was…wink..wink..healthy.
    I hope the celtics blow them the hell out of the garden tonight so those #ssholes won’t have anything to talk about.
    Go Celtics!

  • jared

    Have I been more pumped for a game? Yes, but LA V Boston doesnt count. Thats on another planet.
    Im so stoked about the way we are playing right now. I cant wait to see the look on that pompous bastards face when we let them see what it means to play Celtic ball.
    I know they are mostly gone now, but is it too much too ask to see a few Beards and Satin Jackets at the game tonight?
    Boston Celtics–Where kicking your stupid teams ass happens.

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    3 More Hours!!!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Well put

  • Killing me I have to work and will have to watch the game after midnight.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Very well put. I know JVG sucks but it was too obvious a statement so I had to revisit the talent pools.

  • Shawn-cvd

    That sucks! Game four I didn’t watch with a friend until Monday evening due to work, and then helping another friend move! The best thing about the delay was new games for me two nights in a row (and back to back victories at that).

  • 2 hours 12 mins
    Agreed with Jared, (he went to Jareds?), I’m freakin stoked for this game tonight. Tonight is a Ray Ray special I think. No logic, just a hunch.

  • SydneyCeltic

    Pissed that I’m stuck at work instead of home watching ESPN (or better yet, in Boston itself). Regardless, let’s get this done! Let’s go Celtics!!!

  • DRJ

    Damn…. they’ve missed HOW MANY free throws already??? Damn