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Boston & That Sports Babe: An explanation for Joe Johnson

RedsArmyAdmin May 13, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off

Technical difficulties prevented last night’s episode of Boston & That Sports Babe from being broadcast live, but here’s the recording of the show.  It was a great show that included Slam’s Marcel Mutoni and NBA.com’s Sekou Smith. 

Both guys were great, but the big headline to come out of the show came towards the end when Sekou dropped a bomb and broke the story that Joe Johnson’s struggles in the Hawks series may have been a result of learning of his mother’s breast cancer.  According to Smith, the Hawks learned about the diagnosis a couple of weeks ago, so who knows how long Johnson knew about it.

Who knows if that had an impact on his “We could care less if they show up” comments about the fans.. which led to him being booed off the court.

The show went long (about 90 minutes) because both guests were so good.  Enjoy:

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