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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics have done nothing

Pierce kg hug

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“One thing we told our guys was that we’ve done nothing,’’ [Doc Rivers] said. “All
we’ve done is win three. You’ve got to win four.’’

Globe (Bob Ryan): They were on fire from the start

We cannot come back here," said Boston's Kevin Garnett. "We have to
think this is our Game 7 coming up and we cannot afford to have the best
team in the league have a Game 7 on their floor. Just not possible."

Fanhouse: LeBron sets tone as Cavs flop in Game 5

I hope the guys come out with that mentality tomorrow night.  The Celtics can't come out and relax and say "we got this"… because they'll get smoked. 

Remember, the Celtics in Game 3 suffered their worst playoff loss in team history… and they came back to win Game 4 and blow the Cavs out in Game 5.  So if the Celtics can come back from that with 2 straight wins… why can't the Cavs come back from their worst playoff loss in team history with two wins of their own?

That was an awesome game last night.  It was something for us to enjoy all day today.  The Cavs are down… broken.. and ready to be finished.

The Celtics need to finish this off tomorrow.

On Page 2, Barkley destroys LeBron

Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

I will admit… I'm as confused as anyone about what LeBron did in that game.  There was one possession where he did nothing but stand in the corner for 15 seconds.  Don't come at me with that elbow stuff… the elbow doesn't make him not try.  The elbow doesn't make him stand there.  The elbow doesn't mean he can't set picks, pass the ball or at least be a decoy.

There's no way in hell he does that again in Game 6, is there?  After the landslide of "What's wrong with LeBron?" stories coming today… after all the "maybe he ain't so great" stuff he'll hear… he's got to come out in Game 6 and try to dominate.


At least LeBron is humble after the game:

        "When you have 3 bad games in a 7 year career, its easy to point that out"

Ok then.

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  • PureBoston

    Awsome game last night. The Celts will come out focused and ready to close out James and the cavs. No mercy. They are no match for the big three or Rondo for that matter.
    The Cavs have realized that there is no way they can beat a Celtic team with three hall of famers and the best point gaurd in the NBA right now.

  • Rodger

    Only 3 bad games in 7 years wow your the greatest lebron.

  • DRJ

    You may find the explanation for Lebron’s game — and some pretty amazing info on what’s going on in the Cavs locker room — here:
    And they may just fold pretty quickly on Thursday, if the Cs push hard enough….

  • Tremendous team effort last night.. led by DRJ’s man paul pierce. When the C’s execute their half court sets it is without a doubt the most enjoyable offense to watch in basketball. Also two notes. TA got some serious run last night, good for him. And don’t overlook sheed’s effort this series, dude has been working like I have never seen before like legit strong rebounds and running the floor

  • Greg

    It doesn’t really matter…the Magic will sweep any of these teams.

  • DRJ

    Now that’s funny.

  • CFH

    Love it.
    This playoffs, the Phoenix Suns at one end of the spectrum and the Atlanta Hawks at the other end have given a brilliant demonstration of what locker room chemistry can do…

  • DRJ

    For sure. And Cs are right up there too.
    That article is an eye-opener, isn’t it? Who knew they had so many issues? They’re NOT going to fix all that in one day.

  • Alex

    The fact that the Orlando Magic has been playing shit teams in the playoffs so far will have them unprepared for the Boston Celtics.
    Quote me.

  • yoDude

    We’ve seen these Orlando magic in the form of the Cavs last season

  • Danno

    Cleveland is all done. LeWhine has played his last game in Cleveland. Have fun in NY Bron-Bron.
    The Magic have home court advantage and more than a week’s layoff between series. They will be very rusty on their home court, Advantage – C’s. All it takes is one team to win on the road in an NBA playoff series to throw off all the advantage.
    So far, Orlando has played NO ONE worth playing. None of the teams they’ve played had any sort of tight defensive schemes or outside shooting for them to worry about. Only the Celtics in the East present this kind of threat.
    If the Celtics can take at least one of the first two in Orlando, they will be in the Finals. And they can easily beat either one of the Lakers or Phoenix.

  • ed teach

    Lebron post game quote: “You have to give the defense credit, they were on the court..they were agressive. I missed shots I can make.”
    3 bad games in 7 years.
    Lebron really doesn’t show much respect for the Celtics. I hope the Celtics increase the pressure on lebron and send him home after another poor performance. Let him sit and stew on that all off-season.

  • celtsfan33

    I’ll just say this…I love this effin team. Last night was awesome but this is where a great coach and motivator takes over and keeps the team focused. This is where I love Doc. I am confident we’ll see a composed Celtics team on Thursday night ready for the kill.

  • The Truth is Here

    watching Lebron at the post game interview, he did not seem humbled at all. He didn’t seem to really get it, and that is why I am not so sure he will bounce back. Like KG said, he wouldn’t be able to sleep, eat, anything until he were able to get back out on the court. Lebron seemed to think that this kind of performance was acceptable, when quite frankly, it isn’t if the Cav’s want to win.

  • Lorilei

    I was watching this on EPSN, and they said this was his 4th worst playoff game in his career. And out of all the 4 worst playoff games he’s had (in his 70 games he’s had in the postseason during his whole career)… 3 of them were against Boston.
    I just thought that was interesting.

  • green8teen

    I wouldn’t exactly call Atlanta a shit team. But Orlando has yet to play anyone with a legit big man, and Howard has called Perk the best interior defender in the league. Added with the Celts playing SOME of their best defense of the year and this makes for a good series. But again this Cavs series is absolutely not over. Remember game 3? If that happens again the Cavs are back in control.

  • Indiana loves the truth

    If Lebron was as great as he thought he was would he have ever not won a title. This guy is turning into arod fast

  • Shawn-cvd

    Is there a home feed of this series or just the National broadcast? I would love to here Mike and Tommy…

  • Greg

    Um…shit teams? If Atlanta would sweep the Celtics just imagine what the Magic will do to you.
    Magic will sweep.
    Quote me.

  • You’re quoted.
    You understand, of course, that there’s no transitive property in the NBA. Because the C’s have had problems with the Hawks doesn’t mean they have the same problems with Orlando because the matchups are different.
    So I hope you’re taking into account that Orlando could dominate because Atlanta had no center who could hold a candle to Dwight Howard… which forced them to collapse like crazy on him… which opened up a million outside opportunities… no to mention how afraid they were of him on the other end of the floor. And I hope you’d take into account that the Celtics (should they hold on and advance) can do what no other team can really do and play Dwight 1-on-1 with Kendrick Perkins which would allow perimeter defenders to stick closer to their guys.
    If you’re taking all that into account… then fine, we’ll put you down for a sweep and if they don’t, no biggie cuz you thought long and hard about it.
    BUT… if you’re simply here essentially taking a South Park-like shit through your mouth and saying “The Hawks gave Boston problems, and Orlando crushed the Hawks.. therefore Orlando would crush the Celtics”… then we will bookmark your comment and post it for all to ridicule when you’re wrong.

  • No more home feeds. CSN is done with live broadcasts. It’s all national stuff now.



  • Shawn-cvd

    That’s why your the man John. Greg just learned a lessen in critical thinking.
    Now here’s a less thorough analysis…should the C’s hold on to beat Cleveland they would have beaten the number one seed stealing HCA TWICE. So let’s be transitive for a moment…the team that beats the number one seeded team is more likely to beat than be swept by the number two seed.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Thanks. I hate black outs. I would have loved to watch the CSN feed on league pass broadband. I get the live thing if a National broadcast pays so much money but the archived version should be available to us.