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Practice Report: No one wants to return to Cleveland

Here's a shocker – no one on the Celtics wants to return to Cleveland. The mantra – Game 6 is really a Game 7. ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg has more from today's practice:

Rivers said the key for Boston is to avoid focusing on how close they
are to advancing to the next round or becoming complacent with the
homecourt edge in Game 6. He's not even using last year's 3-2 collapse
against the Orlando Magic — the only one of 33 best-of-seven series the
Celtics have ever failed to win when leading after five games in
franchise history — as motivation to inspire his troops.

"I think [the media] will [point that out], I don’t think I have
to," said Rivers. "It doesn’t mater, this is not Orlando. This is
Cleveland. And we don’t have homecourt [advantage], as far as the whole
series goes [like last year].

"The bottom line is, all that stuff doesn't matter — it really
doesn't. At end of the day, you come out and focus on the process of
playing basketball. You can’t focus on anything that's happened before,
or anything that happens after. I don't even like hearing guys talk
about closing out. That doesn't do anything. You gotta play the game,
focus on the game of basketball. It's the only way to win this game."

Here's the latest on the schedule:

Regardless of Thursday's outcome, the Celtics' next game will be on
Sunday. If Boston prevails in Game 6 against Cleveland, the Celtics
would travel to Orlando for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on
Sunday. If the Cavaliers ties the series with a triumph, the Celtics
will travel back to Cleveland for a deciding Game 7 on Sunday. Both
games are scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on ABC.

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  • DRJ

    Ah, Orlando. That’s gonna be the real challenge this season. Beating Orlando. I believe that will be (much) harder than beating whoever comes out of the West. Luckily… the Celtics have just hit their topmost level. Last night was the final quantum leap. They’re ready.
    But damn, Orlando is GOOD. Not worried about Howard so much as all those 3-point shooters…. And Nelson… the guy’s at his peak. Tough one… real tough, Orlando is.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    This will sound stupid, but I’m glad its orlando and not atlanta, we match up better with the magic. They are playing great right now but so are the celtics and orlando hasn’t seen much of a healty KG recently.
    But let’s get through tomorrow night. Weather the storm in the first quarter, break away in the second qtr. Same in the second half and lebitch et al will give up in the fourth. Bring the intensity Celtics.
    By the way DRJ, your foul early foul hard theory from last week appears to be working.

  • DRJ

    Yeah, you’re probably right. The way Atlanta just FOLDED in 4 straight makes it hard to think they were ever gonna be a problem… but we do match up better with ORL, at least on paper. Who knows. The way things work out seems to turn out best. Some of us were worried that we were meeting CLE in the 2nd round… turns out that was for the best, because it has been enough of a challenge to get the team up to their top level, but not so much that we couldn’t win (hands down).
    Life is good these days, isn’t it…?
    But man, if you wanna see a theory/prediction that turned out right… have a look at THIS one, from January. It’s practically a SCRIPT that they followed. Lol… who knew that a basketball team could bring such joy to our lives 🙂

  • Man o man, am I overreacting? Y’all are talking about the Magic? You do realize that LBJ is coming to Beantown tonight, likely very motivated?!
    “Rivers said the key for Boston is to avoid focusing on how close they are to advancing to the next”
    Ok, maybe I am taking that a bit too seriously but I’m nervous as hell, just because we could see anything and everything tonight. The C’s come out hot, don’t get into an early hole and they can seal this one.

  • DRJ

    I was nervous when they were up 17 after 3 quarters in game 5. But now I’m feeling weirdly… confident. I just feel it in my bones… Cs are winning this series.