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Enemy Chatter: LeBron is disengaged

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters
and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics.
Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Cleveland.

First off, he's undermined his coach by acting lax after losses when
Brown has been sounding alarm bells. It is James' personality not to be
too worried about anything and it was not expected that he'd be throwing
people into lockers and such. But his "we'll get 'em next game"
philosophy has clearly backfired. With the exception of Game 3, despite
all the handshakes and nonsense, the Cavs have been knocked on their
heels in every game.

It has further become problematic that James has been disengaged
during the games. Not only has he fallen into the trap of "letting the
game come to him," but he's been increasingly distant. In huddles he's
looking at the ceiling or into the distance. It is not the James anyone
on the team knows and his teammates and coaches have seen it.
More problematic, they can't explain it and that is making the entire
locker room uneasy. 

There were two skirmishes on the court. One was with Kendrick Perkins
and O'Neal and the other was with Mo Williams and Rajon Rondo. James
showed no such fire and then didn't get get involved in the exchanges,
staying off to the side.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cavs reporter Brian Windhorst does a great job detailing all of the Cavaliers woes. From Mike Brown's inability to settle on a rotation to poor in-game adjustments to players bickering to the disappearance of James, Windhorst covers it all.

LeBron's play takes me back to a scene from one of my favorite movies:

Come on, kid. Get in there. Engage.
- You've got a bogey at two o'clock.

Take the shot, kid.

You can engage any time, Maverick.

- Where the hell are you going?
- It doesn't look good.

What do you mean? It doesn't get to look any better than that.

Hey, man. We could have had him...

I'll fire when I'm goddamn good and ready. You got that?

Remember one thing Lebron, there are no points for second place.

On Page 2, the lowest of the low for one Cavs blogger.

I’ll start with this. I’ve had some tough moments as a Cavs fan. I
remember how close the Cavs came to beating the Pistons in game six back
in 2006. I remember how LeBron was completely overmatched by that Spurs
team right after the best moments of his career. I remember how the
Cavs just couldn’t get over that hump in Boston in 2008. I remember the
Cavs blowing that lead, wasting a career performance by LBJ, and
watching that Lewis three go down in game one last year. I remember how
close they came to taking game four in that same series. The Cavs have
disappointed me. They have made me profoundly miserable.

All that said, this is my lowest moment as a serious Cavalier fan.
Why? Because I have never been ashamed to be a fan of this team or
LeBron James until tonight. I am now. There’s no excuse for that type of
effort. I’ve defended LeBron a lot in the past. I can’t, in good
conscience, do so tonight. He couldn’t hit a jump shot. He wasn’t
aggressive enough. He couldn’t do anything against Boston when they
collapsed on him in the paint.

I’m really starting to think Ray Allen isn’t going to sign with the
Cavs this off-season. I’m also starting to think he’s somehow one of the
most underrated players of his generation.

Cavs: The Blog

Ray Allen on the Cavs? He's a cold blooded killer who with no fear of taking big time shots and a track record for making them. Cleveland doesn't want a player like Ray, he'd have nothing in common with the guys on their roster.

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  • CFH

    He’s “starting” to think Ray isn’t going to sign with the Cavs?
    When was it decided that Ray was going there? All he’s done is say he wants to stay in Boston and demonstrate how useful he is to Boston… even the article that said he was “privately resigned” to the Celtics not wanting him back had him thinking Miami, didn’t it?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I fully expect Thursday night to be a knock em down drag em out bar fight. Lebron is gonna come out like he did in game 3 we just need to be able to handle the game mentally as a team. Refs will be tough, Lebron will be hitting shots, just keep the course.
    I also just wanna give a personal shout out to Rasheed Wallace. Guy has been bringin it in this series and improved his work ethic and hustle. The team finally looks like they are playing for one another now like a real team should

  • Alex

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Rasheed has impressed me in this series. He actually did save his best for when it is important and he’s proving it to all of us.
    Good work Rasheed, keep it up, though!

  • Rodger

    Lebron looked a little like tiger out there thinking maybe he could call someone and go home before game was over.

  • I”m sooooooo worried that game six will be like game 3. And refs trying to kill us in the first quarter again.
    Or… like what happened last year with orlando… close game. I’m more anxious now than before Game 5

  • I agree. As confident as the C’s make me feel, they have been a bit Jekyll and Hyde. If the team we saw yesterday shows up, LBJ can have an amazing night and I still think they win it.
    KG: ‘not even talking about the offense.. defense… have to win it at home…’

  • Venus

    LMAO @ the Ray Allen comment. I know practically half the Cavs team is made up of old Celtics but damn that just came out of nowhere.

  • DRJ

    The Ray Allen remark is completely from left field to me… don’t know WHAT he’s talking about there.
    The Cleveland Plain Dealer article is awesome. Amazing, new stuff that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Cleveland’s toast. Orlando will be harder… but they’ll be toast too if the Cs play their game. Just… play | your| game.