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Return of the Big 3

Chuck - Red's Army May 11, 2010 Uncategorized 47 Comments on Return of the Big 3


LeBron who?

Led by the ageless Big 3, the Celtics absolutely destroyed the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight, 120-88.

Chew on these numbers…

Paul Pierce: 21 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists

Kevin Garnett: 18 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks

Ray Allen: 25 points, 6-9 3FG, 4 assists

It really was a complete team effort on both ends of the court.

Pierce and KG (did he abuse Antawn Jamison or what?) fueled a 16-0 second quarter run which turned an 8 point deficit into an 8 point lead.

Ray (back to back 3s in the first 30 seconds of the 2nd half) and Rondo (12 of his 16 points) led the charge in the 3rd quarter.

The Celtics led 80-63 going into the 4th. I'll admit it, I was scared shit the Celtics would blow this lead. Fortunately for me, Glen Davis was there to ease my fears. BBD dropped 12 of his 15 points in the final quarter.

The Celtics defense was stifling. Cleveland shot 41% for the game. LeElbow shot 3-14. The Cavs turned the ball over 17 times.

Box score | Recap

"I think they're still trying to figure out the Rondo match-up and as they're moving guys around, we are taking advantage of them." – Ray Allen.

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  • mikey

    great game

  • DRJ

    KG: “We can’t come back to Cleveland.” That’s right.

  • If Cleveland loses this series does Mike Brown get canned?

  • allen

    if the celtics do close this out in 6 i never want to hear lebron be called the king anymore. what kind of poor ass king has no gold? lmao gtfo lebron with your dancing and childish acts. this is a mans league.

  • greenbeand


  • NineSevenEight


    another bright spot… the refs are ok tonight. I’m not so used to it that i thought at times they are favoring teh celtics

  • IanD

    Man… That was a sweet win.

  • thebleeptruth

    Celtics have to go all out on Game 6. No time to get complacent. LeBron will definitely go in attack mode early in Game 6. If Celtics are able to neutralize it early, then it will be an easy win. Keep making LeBron throw jumpers.

  • So take your wheelchair jokes and stick ’em where the Truth don’t shine. Can’t forget Baby either-his 15 and 4 were crucial to keeping the pressure on while the bench was out there. Let’s wrap this thing UP. NO MERCY. KILL KILL KILL on Thursday.

  • DRJ

    This is the first time I’ve seen fear in the Cavs’ eyes. They looked scared… all of them. Right from the beginning… even when the Cs were down 8 in the 2nd… there were outplaying the Cavs, and the Cavs looked scared.
    Hard to imagine Cleveland winning Game 6. Of course, the Cs could disappear again, or the refs could steal one…. but no, I think the Cs close it out on Thursday.
    And Orlando isn’t going to be this easy. That’s gonna be a real battle.

  • Shawna

    woooooow….amazing game

  • DRJ

    If I owned the Cavs… I would re-sign Lebron, get a solid defensive big (NOT Z) and one really good point guard,… plus fire the idiot coach Brown, and hire Thibs as head coach. THEN, finally, Cleveland would be a serious contender. As they are, they’re not. Stupid is as stupid does, Mike. How do you let Jamison KEEP guarding KG when he’s getting burned ALL NIGHT LONG…. and easily? How do you not plan on covering the 3-point line? Mike’s stupidity didn’t help the Cavs tonight… not that anything was gonna help them with the kind of shooting they were doing out there…..

  • evan

    I think they have to fire him if they lose. He has the most talented team in the league.

  • JD

    I’m guessing the Celtics are going to have to overcome a superhuman effort from LeBron in Game 6, but when Boston is firing on all cylinders like they were tonight, no one can beat them.

  • mike

    the lakers have something to say about that

  • Orb

    Not to mention where the hell was Hickson all night. And by all means, keep “establishing” Shaq down low. I’ll take any game where Shaq is the leading scorer.
    So yeah, Brown is awful, but I’ve got to pin this on El B.J. if a Cleveland fan. The most talented guy in the league doesn’t make a field goal until the game is 60% over? The C’s defense was magnificent, but he could have made something happen were he truly the king.

  • So glad I woke up for this game, as soon as the C’s got the lead and their offense started clicking i knew the Cavs were done tonight. But with this team who knows who will show up Thursday… I am leaning towards the team that will knock them out though.

  • SydneyCeltic

    Like what? “We know how to get beat by Boston in the Finals”? Seriously dude.

  • SydneyCeltic

    Looking forward to ending my day while watching a replay of this. Even more looking forward to Game 6. Bring it on!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Incredible game! I admit I never thought they could beat Lebron but ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!
    Did you guys see Barkley & Kenny’s faces after the game?….. Charles looked like he lost some serious coin on that one!
    Gotta do it Thursday while Bron is hurting and the Cavs confidence is shit.
    The C’s are playing the best ball of the season and Cleveland looks ready to be taken down. Shaughnessey is a freakin genious.

  • Lee in Oregon

    ps…..the only ways Mike Brown is coaching the Cavs next year is
    A) if they win in the Finals
    B) if Lebron leaves

  • Jason

    That’s why the most apt name for him is actually Emperor.

  • rodger

    Right now i think we can win game 6 even if the refs are garreston salvatore and kennedy.

  • jimkanicki

    if clv loses this series, brown and ferry and lebron are gone. probably 20 years till we contend again.

  • jimkanicki

    yeah… you gotta put a lot of this on mike brown. shaq is for howard. hickson (running) is for boston.
    sharing part of my post from wfny:
    moving on to game 6… hell i think we have to get lucky. because NOW allen has his mojo back and man that guy is just unstoppable once he’s on. swear to god, i’d start moon just to rattle him. panic move? well it’s panic time.
    likewise garnett is way too comfortable shooting jumpers over antawn. i’d put Z on him. that’s right. and there better be help behind him, i know. but garnett has swished his fallaways all series. like.. NO rim. let him shoot em over Z and then tip your hat.
    our offense cant be fixed now. seeing allen run that same damn by a screen under the hoop play for an easy spot up… the dichotomy from our stand-around-till-shotclock-is-at-5 offense is stark. and yet, we DO have some good threats for a kickout 3. if we can bury our chances at the rim, maybe D will sag and our shooter will get better looks.

  • lainok

    So as I’ve posted many times on this sight, being a laker fan rooting for you guys has been tough. But it’s been a lot easier than I expected. Here’s why:
    1. I have been in love with Rondo’s game since you guys murdered us in the finals. Now he is the Jedi Master I feared he would be and was jealous we didn’t have. Instead we have one of the Jedi’s that gets brutalized at the end of the third one.
    2. I hate Lebitch, and to tonights game was especially fun to watch. Instead of looking like a sulking 5 year old when he is losing, you guys actually managed to make him look like he has completely given up and is already thinking of picking out curtains for his New York Loft.
    Now the two reasons other than you guys being enemies that makes this tough:
    1. You guys have a penchant for taking every team to 7 games. Your team is old, and does not need that extra time. Also, if it goes 7, cleveland is not going to lay down the way it did today. The one upside to it going 7 would be that because of all the sweeps there is absolutely no other basketball being played until monday. And it’s torture. So please, stop pulling the always going to 7 games crap and just bust a nut on Lebrons ass, make him your bitch and move on to Orlando.
    2. And this is the most important. It was hard to watch when I was still rooting against you, but now having my temporary visitors pass being a fan it is infuriating. Some one please tell Peirce to just shave. Dude, if it hasn’t all come in yet, it’s never going to. Not everyone can carry the glorious chin wig that is Baron Davis beard. You look like a 12 year old that glued it on because you wanted to see what it looked like and you ran out of glue. You are better than that. Please just shave.
    And on another note, has any one noticed that the long running white spot that Wallace has always had, has just turned into a gaping void on his head? It’s like Jupiter losing the big red spot. He’s always had style problems though. When we used to play the Blazers in the 3peat days we always said it looked like he was playing for a sandwich and a warm bed that night.


    Before this game I said I wouldn’t be surprised if we win game 5 in Cleveland as they’ll be expecting to cruise home and win, we LOSE game 6 in Boston and then we go to Game 7. Well I got the first bit right!!!
    Here’s hoping the C’s don’t shit the bed again at home…
    Props to……..well EVERYONE Even Sheed was up on the +/-!!!!
    Great to see Pierce pull out a great game – he and Lebron swapped numbers tonight…
    KG schooled Jamison again. Perk had a good game, BBD…I knew Rondo would go off in the 3rd when he was on 0 and the big 3 were all in double figures by the half…Ray Ray – I’m sorry for ever doubting u at the AS break – what the fuck do I know…..
    Great to hear KG tell it like it is about Game 6….
    ToTheRuins… this team done???
    One last point – u know it’s gone well when there hasn’t been a ‘Mikey’ sighting bitching about the refs…….

  • DRJ

    You’re completely right. Hickson on the bench, and Shaq playing big minutes = great for us. But just in case Mike reads RedsArmy, let’s not give him any bright ideas 🙂

  • DRJ

    Well, good thing for us Brown is running the team, not you 🙂

  • DRJ

    Refs were pretty good in this game, now that you mention it. Anytime you don’t think about the refs too much, it’s good. A few bad calls in both directions… otherwise, pretty decent officiating. Celtics are tough to beat when the officiating is reasonable. They’re impossible to beat when they also have their defense on the way they had in this game.
    Given that the league has allowed 4 sweeps in the playoffs already… one could argue that the usual shenanigans are not happening this year. I hope and pray that’s true. Give us a fair shot… that’s all we ask for.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Pierce came out and set the tone early in this game. He was confident and aggressive and took it right to the Cavaliers from the get go. This loosened up the rest of the team and when Paul is attacking and being aggressive like he was, it completely frees up Ray to kill you from long range. This team is a thing of beauty… Like a well oiled machine with working parts playing their roles. Not based off one guy, everyone plays their part and contributes night in and night out. THAT is how you win in the playoffs
    I can’t give enough credit to Pierce, guarding Lebron all series and doing it VERY well today and coming out and attacking on top of it like a true captain. Don’t fuck with the TRUTH!!!

  • DRJ

    Can’t agree with that. He has the most talented PLAYER. Not team.


    One other funny thing. ESPN were so confused with this win they actually included highlights of BBD going to the hole and missing but getting fouled in their ‘highlights of the game!!’
    I know BBD had a good game but we hit 55% of our shots and a run of the mill foul is on the highlights??? Hilarious….
    Lebron looked exhausted in this one….what was with him – only took 14 shots…

  • DRJ

    I was pissed off at Paul at some points of the game… like the way he “closed out” the first half, or that terrible 3 he took, and that TO in traffic, etc. But overall… yes, he looked MUCH better.
    Today, maybe, was like a guy waking from a coma. Still a little disoriented at times, but doing well. Game 6 could be a real BREAKOUT.

  • DRJ

    I thought he looked… beaten. Even scared, or maybe a better word is ‘resigned’, like to an overwhelming situation.

  • Shawn-cvd

    These are great ideas. Experimenting for sure (when adjustments are needed in the play offs), but what did Mike Brown do tonight? The guy is an awful coach. He could coach an Olympic team out of the second round.

  • Shawn-cvd

    If James leaves MB is gone…


    I’m starting to go all mikey on everyone with my double posts but two more points…
    I can’t wait for ‘enemy chatter tomorrow’ not because it’s some kind of guilty pleasure after a big win (which it is!) but to see how serious Cavs fans take this loss….
    Pt 2 – After we stuffed them in game 2 in Cleveland the Cavs had 4 days to prepare for Game 3. Now they have 2.
    Pt 3 (thought of another one…)
    After Game 2, Mike Brown blew a gasket, didn’t do anything like it this time. Lebron said he wasn’t worried after Game 2’s loss – none of that today….I think this loss is a real worry and they’ve both realised what it means of they lose Game 6….

  • Shawn-cvd

    The Celtics will (best…) close this out! The Cavs have already given their best. The Cavs are the ones scrambling to find ways to turn the tide to their favor. The C’s only need to play their game…

  • Shawn-cvd

    This was just awesome to behold. The whole team contributed. With the blow out it was nice to see Rondo have a relatively light night (only 38 minutes).
    When the score was so low early in the second quarter (when I started watching) I knew the pace was going the C’s way. Then a little 2008 magic occurred…a marginal half time lead was ballooned to a 20+ point lead in the Third. Owning third quarters was the calling card of that championship squad and I look forward to the Green doing so nine more times…

  • I have to admit being more stunned by the Cleveland media than by the Cavs which I didn’t think was possible. They think this thing is over and maybe being a part of so many Cleveland failures in multiple sports plays a part in their thinking but last Friday they were starting to prepare for the Magic. This is a Cleveland team that won game 3 by 29 and played very close in game 4. This thing isn’t over unless Cleveland has already conceded for whatever reason.
    BTW not to pile on but did anybody think LeBron came off as just bit full of himself in the presser? When you play 3 bad play off games in 7 years you spoil people with your play? Really? You’ve had 2 in a row this series. I know it’s spur of the moment and maybe what he wanted to say came out wrong. Or Maybe he thinks he’s only had 3 bad playoff games in 7 years.


    “One of biggest playoff wins in KNICKS history.” John Hollinger…..

  • DRJ
    The Cavs’ problems — which caused them to play with what looked like either fear and/or resignation — are much worse than I thought. That link explains why…..

  • Mike and Lebron have gotten every player they could have dreamed of to help them win a championship and have thus far gotten squat. Delonte, Moon, Z, Gibson, Vaginachao are all former decent NBA starters none of which are over the hill yet every one has been upgraded for Mike and Lebron’s benefit. This leaves them with supposedly the best player in the NBA AND the deepest bench YET they finished with a record inferior to the Celtics record of last year with KG out (our best player at the time) half the year and PP and Ray nursing various injuries. Mike Brown should have been fired long ago. They had the audacity on TNT to talk about what a fine job he has done with have such a tough time ‘juggling minutes’ with all his superior talent. HUH???

  • CFH

    If LeBron leaves, they might as well keep Brown. They’ll suck no matter who coaches.

  • Indiana loves the truth

    I though the big three was done. Do they look some Cleveland, I am sure espn has some excuse waiting for lebron I just hope the media does not bury him too much I on’t think it would be fun to watch him put 40 on us again but our d has not looked this good since we destroying kobe and his purple thong