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1 Day Only… The return of the KG Face!


The "Damn Delonte… you need some Speed Stick… IMMEDIATELY"

C'mon… that face is too good NOT to put up.  Thanks MrTrpleDouble10 for the pic

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  • Alex


  • G4L


  • Lovin it!
    i miss those KG faces of the day…

  • And once again… a typical KG face reaction. One for each side LOL!!
    One day only, Alex. You cannot deny the awesomeness of the photo, at least.

  • Not bad.. you got a laugh out of me lol

  • I say bring it back… I always liked it but I understand why you guys don’t do it anymore

  • Great face to post. mixed bag on the ‘of the day’. ‘of the week’ maybe

  • QualityStarts

    Yeah, I loved the feature. I say bring it back. Or at least any time there is a great one like this.